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VoiceTracer (DVT4110, DVT6110, DVT7110, DVT8110)

How to use the meeting microphone (DVT8110 only)

The meeting microphone can be used during a meeting or a multi-participant conference. For optimum sound quality, the participants should not be more than two meters away from the microphone.

VoiceTracer meeting mic distance
  1. Stop the recording currently in progress.

  2. Insert the microphone connector into the microphone jack on the left side of the VoiceTracer. Make sure that the external input source is set to Mono mic in the recording settings (for more information, see External input).

    VoiceTracer plug in meeting microphone
  3. Start recording.


    If a recording is to be made in larger rooms or at meetings with a larger number of participants, the recording range may be extended by connecting up to a maximum of three meeting microphones.