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VoiceTracer (DVT4110, DVT6110, DVT7110, DVT8110)


Settings mode

In the settings mode, you can change and adjust various settings according to your own preferences.

VoiceTracer settings overview

Start the settings mode

  1. In stop mode, press the Right function button VoiceTracer settings icon to open the settings panel.

  2. Press the Record button to select All settings.

Select a setting

  • Press the Record button.

Recording settings

VoiceTracer recording settings

Select a scene according to specific recording situations, e.g. a lecture or an interview. Every scene has predefined settings, such as the format or the microphone sensitivity, that cannot be changed. If you would like to change the settings of a scene, you need to select the scene Custom where you can define each setting according to your own preferences.


Select the format of your recording according to specific recording situations.

Mic sensitivity

Adjust the microphone sensitivity of your VoiceTracer. Select the sensitivity according to the background noise, number of recorded sound sources and distance between sound source and microphones.


Activate this function to prevent recordings from being oversteered by sound input over the maximum sound level. If the recording suddenly exceeds the maximum sound level, the microphone sensitivity is automatically reduced.

Mic selection

Select if the zoom mic or the 360 degrees microphones should be used for your recordings.

Noise cut

Turn the Noise cut feature on in order to reduce background noise while recording. This way, especially audio recordings sound clearer.

Wind filter

Activate the wind filter to reduce wind noise when you are recording in a very windy environment.


Select the folder you want your recording to be saved in.

Voice activation

Use voice activation to start recording when you begin speaking. When you stop speaking, the device will automatically pause recording after three seconds of silence. It will resume only when you begin speaking again.

Edit mode

Select what should happen when you edit a recording.


When the pre-recording function is enabled, the device will start recording some seconds prior to the event.


Use the timer function to automatically start recording on a preset date and at a preset time. You can also select when the recording should stop.

Auto divide

During recording, the auto divide feature will automatically split the current recording and save a new file every 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Auto bookmark

Use the Auto bookmark funktion to automatically set bookmarks at preset time intervals.

External input

Choose between various input sources to guarantee the best recording quality for specific recording situations.

Playback settings

VoiceTracer playback settings
Play mode

Choose between various playback options.


Choose between the equalizer music options Classical, Jazz, Pop, or Rock.


Activate the ClearVoice function for better playback quality. Dynamic emphasis on quiet passages improves the intelligibility of quiet voices.

Device settings

VoiceTracer device settings

Select your desired device language from the language list. You can change the language whenever you want.


Adjust the brightness of your screen acccording to your own requirements.


To save your VoiceTracer’s battery power, you can reduce the backlight time. If you don’t operate your device for the preset time, the backlight turns off automatically.

Date & time

You can always change the system date and time on your device. Use the Backward, Forward, Up, and Down buttons to set the date and time.

Recording light

If you turn on the recording light, the Record/Status LED will illuminate red when recording.

Auto Off

Select a time for your device to automatically turn off when you don’t operate it.

Device sounds

Select if you want the device sounds, such as key tone and power on/off sound, to be turned on or off.

Select storage

Select if you want your recordings to be saved on the device's internal storage or on the external memory card.

Format storage

Use this function to format your device’s internal storage or the memory card and delete all data. For more information, see Reset data.

Reset settings

You can reset your menu settings to their default state—the way they were when you first purchased your device and turned it on. For more information, see Reset settings.


See various information about your device, such as the available memory space or the firmware version.