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Philips Speech Extensions guide

Setting up Philips Speech Extensions

This guide will help you to set up or upgrade Philips Speech Extensions G13.1 (v4.4.441 and above). Please refer to the Changelog to see what's new in this version.

Philips Speech Extensions enable redirection of Philips dictation device functionalities connected to Windows and Linux clients, used by different software products on the following virtual platforms:

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

  • Microsoft Windows Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services

  • VMware Horizon View

  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

We tested the most common remote platforms and configurations with all supported Philips dictation hardware (see Supported platforms as well as Known issues).

However, we can’t guarantee conflict-free operation for every kind of environment. Should you face issues on a remote platform not listed in the Supported platforms, please contact the platform vendors. You can also check if your platform supports full USB redirection, which does not require the installation of Philips Speech Extensions (but might cause some other issues and is not tested or supported by Philips).

We created a step-by-step guide to help you setting up the drivers properly on your specific environment. Please start by choosing the type of software you want to use with your Philips dictation hardware:

Philips SpeechExec Enterprise or Philips SpeechSDK integration

Philips Hardware SDK integration

Philips Remote Device Manager updater client

Philips Device Connector

SpeechLive Desktop App