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Use your SmartMike



The device requires a corresponding license and dictation software for operation. For more information on SmartMike licensing options please contact your Philips SmartMike vendor or integration partner.

  1. Connect your SmartMike to a computer as outlined in the Connect to a computer section.

  2. Start the recording / voice capturing in the dictation software provided by your integration partner.

    SmartMike press record
  3. Record LED speaker I or Record LED speaker II illuminates green, depending on which speaker talks.

    SmartMike active microphone animation

    SmartMike left side talking
    SmartMike right side talking
  4. If both speakers talk at the same time, both LEDs will illuminate green. SmartMike separates the voices of both speakers, the connected software ensures that every spoken word is recorded and processed. To ensure the best recording quality we recommend to follow the instructions in the How to position your SmartMike section.

    SmartMike both sides talking

Mute your SmartMike

Press the Microphone mute button to mute the microphone. Both LEDs will illuminate red.

SmartMike muted


You can play back your current recording on your SmartMike using the dictation software provided by your SmartMike vendor or integration partner. Use the volume up or volume down button on your SmartMike to adjust the playback volume.


During an active recording, the playback function is not available, except when the SmartMike is muted.

Upgrading the firmware

Your device is controlled by an internal program called firmware. As a part of ongoing product maintenance, the firmware may be updated to enhance functions and to correct errors.

Upgrading the firmware of your SmartMike is handled by the dictation software provided by your SmartMike vendor or integration partner.

During an active firmware upgrade, the power LED of your SmartMike is illuminated white.


A firmware upgrade is not possible during an active recording.