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Philips Device Connector guide

Setup on Windows (Microsoft Edge)

To use Philips Device Connector, you need to install two components:

  • Philips Device Connector Chrome extension

  • Philips Device Connector native host application

The following steps cover the installation of both components:

  1. Navigate to the Philips Device Connector extension page in the Chrome web store.

  2. On top of the screen you will see a blue banner, click on Allow extensions from other stores in the banner.

  3. A small window opens, confirm by clicking Allow.

  4. You can now click the Add to Chrome button in the chrome web store.

  5. A pop-up window appears, confirm the installation by clicking on Add extension.

  6. Download the latest Philips Device Connector native host application package here download_icon.svg and unzip the file.

  7. In the Windows folder of the installation package you'll find the necessary philips_device_connector_native_host_installer.exe.

  8. Run philips_device_connector_native_host_installer.exe on your local machine and finish the setup.

  9. Restart your browser.

    X You can now use your Philips dictation hardware on all supported websites (e.g. SpeechLive).


  • Make sure to use your devices (SpeechMike, SpeechOne) in Event Mode. This is the default out-of-the-box button mode, however if you changed the button mode of your device you can find more information in the Switch to Event mode section on how to switch it back.

Philips Device Connector consists of different components. It is recommended to narrow down any occurring issues to one component. If not possible, troubleshoot one component at a time and start at Philips Device Connector Chrome extension.

Philips Device Connector Chrome extension

If you installed the Chrome Extension from the Web Store, you can inspect, enable/disable, remove and configure the extension via "edge://extensions/".

You can access logs of websites using the Philips Device Connector by using the Developer Tools Console (Ctrl+Shift+I or F12).

Philips Device Connector native host application

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Philips Device Connector native host application.

After you successfully installed Philips Device Connector native host application (as outlined above), you can find the application in the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Philips Speech\Philips Device Connector\PDCNativeHost.exe

In addition to that, a registry key is created during the installation process. The key tells the Philips Device Connector Chrome extension where to find Philips Device Connector native host application. Please check if the key was successfully created:


Philips Device Connector native host application can generate logfiles if C:\Program Files (x86)\Philips Speech\Philips Device Connector\PDCNativeHost.ini is configured accordingly.

Here is an example for full debug logging:

[LOGInitSettings] Enable=yes File=[Path with write access]\PDCNativeHost.log MaxLines=10000 LogParams=yes LogComments=yes LogVariables=yes Timeout=2000 WrapAtMax=no UseOutputDebug=no FilterFunctions=no FilterVariables=no FilterComments=no

If you need to stop the native host application during troubleshooting, you can find and end the PDCNativeHost.exe in the Task Manager.