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Vauclaire hospital increases productivity with SpeechLive

The facts

The customer
Centre Hospitalier Vauclaire, Bergerac, France
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SpeechExec Transcription Set
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More time with patients

Dictation helps save a lot of time. For healthcare workers, it allows to spend more time with patients. It is for this reason that the Vauclaire Hospital Center decided to start the implementation of Philips SpeechLive app, together with our certified partner Dicma. 

Located in the Dordogne, France. The Vauclaire Hospital gathers 24 sites specialized in psychiatry. Its specialties range from child psychiatry to adult psychiatry to geropsychiatry. "The fact that I can dictate on the smartphone means that I don't lose any medical information for the patient's report, especially when new situations arise. I can directly dictate what has just happened,” explains Dr. Omar Abidi, psychiatrist and head of the Bergerac Hospital. 

SpeechLive for mobility and ease of use

The integration of SpeechLive was entrusted to Cédric Genaudeau, IT specialist at the Montpon-Menestrol site. "The deployment of SpeechLive took time due to the multiplicity of sites and the recycling of digital dictation devices, but we were very well supported by Dicma and Philips," says Cédric Genaudeau.

The Vauclaire Hospital chose SpeechLive for its mobility and ease of use in the face of the technical limitations of their previous software. The ability to dictate via a smartphone is very well suited to the way doctors work, as they practice on several sites. This allows Dr. Abidi to save time, not to lose medical information between the consultation and the report, and to dictate his reports via his smartphone, especially when he does not have much time between each appointment, which are often not on the same site. During on-call duty, it also allows to keep a traceability for patients who are not interned. 

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Medical data is secure and healthcare staff do not have to worry about the confidentiality of their reports.

Cédric Genaudeau
IT specialist, Centre Hospitalier Vauclaire, Montpon Menestrol

Security first

Marie-Hélène Bertin, medical secretary at the Bergerac Hospital, also confirms that SpeechLive is a considerable time saver for her. The tool is easy and intuitive. Moreover, learning this new tool was very simple and intuitive for her. "The cassette system was restrictive, because the doctor had the risk of dictating over an existing dictation or deleting dictations inadvertently, whereas with SpeechLive there is no such risk," says Marie-Hélène.

Cédric Genaudeau explained that SpeechLive updates are automatic and run in the background. This avoids the need to deal with updates, unlike many other software packages. SpeechLive has a centralized console that links doctors and medical secretaries, which is easier to manage. But this is not the only reason why the Vauclaire Hospital chose SpeechLive, according to Cedric Genaudeau: "What convinced the hospital was the health data hosting certification offered by SpeechLive's Microsoft cloud. As a result, medical data is secure and healthcare staff do not have to worry about the confidentiality of their reports." 

Quick implementation

After one year, the deployment is complete. The only interventions concern the implementation of SpeechLive for replacement physicians. Dicma accompanied the Vauclaire Hospital Center in the installation of SpeechLive. Several exchanges were necessary by telephone and video conference, but "the implementation of the SpeechLive solution was relatively simple and quick" concludes Cédric Genaudeau. Dicma and Philips are in constant contact with the hospital's IT department for evolution requests regarding the IT security of the SpeechLive platform, which allows the hospital to continuously improve security. The use of SpeechLive's speech recognition is the next step planned for the Vauclaire Hospital. 

The solution

More satisfied customers

“Time is money, and SpeechLive has allowed us at the firm to be able to get work done a lot quicker and easier than we had before. We can dictate from home or in traffic. Anytime we have our phone, we can dictate, and that allows us to be a lot more efficient because of the fact that there are no restraints on when we can work.“

Karson Pruemer, Attorney, Law Group Ltd

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“The evolution to SpeechLive has been extremely smooth, and accomplished with very minimal training.“

Gale Kicinski, Records Administrative Supervisor, Port Huron Police Department

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“I’m not too bad a typer but in terms of speed, it actually is so much better using my voice.“

Tom Curran, Business Development Manager, Speech Processing Solutions

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“I think it's actually a positive gain in effectiveness. For instance, it used to take me an hour and a half to type a 4-page formal notice, but now it's done in 5 minutes.“

Tanguy Cara, Lawyer, Cannes, France

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