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Professional solutions for architects

Philips offers perfectly tailored solutions for professional architects and urban planners, who are always under pressure to deliver accurate and timely plans for their clients.


Multiple factors need to be kept in mind, from functionality, to regulations, all the way to pleasing the client’s esthetic tastes. Philips dictation solutions can significantly improve the information workflow between the involved parties, ensuring documentation and reporting is accurate and thereby improving customer relationships and speeding up project turnaround times. 

Client meetings captured

Planning and designing buildings often involves a back and forth communication process between the architects and their clients. In an industry where attention to detail and accuracy is vital to the success of a project, Philips can minimize errors by capturing every word and allowing architects to easily turn recordings of meetings into written transcripts. Uncertainties regarding agreements further down the line can easily be cleared up by playing the meeting recordings or reading the transcript. 

Reports on the go made easy

Architects who are on the go visiting clients or construction partners can easily record their thoughts, action lists or meetings with the portable Philips voice recorders such as the SpeechAir, or the Philips dictation app for smartphones. Recordings can be sent to the cloud-based dictation workflow solution Philips SpeechLive, and be transcribed immediately using Philips speech recognition service, even before the user gets back into their office. Quicker turnaround times and smoother procedures mean more time to focus on the essentials and ultimately lead to more satisfied clients. 

The solution

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