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SpeechMike (LFH3200, LFH3300)

Your SpeechMike

We are delighted that you have chosen a Philips device. Visit our website for comprehensive support, such as user manuals, software downloads, warranty information and more:

What's in the box


Dictation microphone

USB cable

USB cable

Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide


SpeechMike LFH3200 overview
  1. Microphone

  2. Record indicator light

  3. • EOL end-of-letter key,

    •• PRIO priority key

  4. INS/OVR Insert/overwrite key

  5. g Record key

  6. V Rewind key

  7. W Fast forward key

  8. e Play/pause key

  9. Left mouse button

  10. Right mouse button

  11. Trackball, left mouse button

  12. F1, F2, F3 Programmable function keys

  13. Speaker

  14. USB cable

  15. Barcode scanner (LFH3300 only)

  16. Left mouse button (LFH3200)

    Scan button (LFH3300 only)

SpeechMike LFH3200 overview rear