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The facts

The customer
Dr. Mobin Master, Alfred Health and Lake Imaging, Melbourne, Australia
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The solution
SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
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AirBridge Wireless Adapter
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Dr. Mobin Master lives by his name. He is a master of many facets of medicine, with over 20 years of medical experience starting from basic surgical training to advanced training as a radiologist, performing complicated radiological procedures. With an additional interest in cosmetic non-surgical procedures, he is an expert in cosmetic intervention, incorporating an exciting approach to his tasks that make a quality difference to his treatment methods.

Dr. Master is a senior radiology consultant at Alfred Health and Western Health in Victoria, both of which are amongst the most advanced radiology departments in Australia. He also works as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Melbourne.

High recognition rate 

Dr. Master uses the Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset in connection with the reporting software from M*Modal. While using the headset, the docking station allows him to turn his dictation recordings on and off. Simultaneously he uses dual monitors to view the images he is dictating with, and to check the accuracy of his dictations.  “I have found the docking station quite useful when I am recording. If I am interrupted, which happens frequently, I can just click the record function on and off”, says Dr. Master. The docking station is a sturdy magnet dock which charges the headset while allowing users to control their recordings from the function keys on it. 

For his work, Dr. Master has used devices from competitor brands as well but he was amazed by the accuracy of the Philips SpeechOne. “The pickup rate is higher as compared to other competitor devices. And there is absolutely no background noise unlike the other headsets I have had before. After using SpeechOne, I am very impressed with the accuracy of the speech recognition.” He uses it all day while putting it down between cases and procedures. Dr. Master adds, “As radiologists, we generally look at the auto-recognition and if we don’t recognise something that has been picked up, we just highlight those areas and delete. It’s much easier and quicker than to listen and playback.” 

Recording on and off with the foot pedal allows to be completely hands free.

Dr. Mobin Master
MB BS FRANZCR, Radiology Consultant

Longer battery life 

The SpeechOne wireless headset sustains usage up to 12 hours of recording time on a single charge. The magnetic docking station charges the headset wirelessly, which means no hassle of plugging in or putting on a charging device. Dr. Master enthusiastically stated that the docking station was a great idea, adding, “I never had to stop working because the device needed to be recharged. I just put it on the docking station when I don’t use it, and it seems to be enough time for the battery to recharge itself. 

Sturdy and strong

Dr. Master’s initial reaction to the headset was that it was rather bulky but he reiterated that it’s a big positive when it comes to headsets. The device rests around his neck while he is working in the department. In addition to the accurate speech recognition, sturdiness is important as it means that the headset will be difficult to break. The SpeechOne also comes with a neckband so that it can provide additional ergonomics while being worn. With its 360-degree rotating boom arm, users can place it on their head any way they like it – adjusting it to their comfort. Dr. Master explains, “I can literally throw my headset onto the magnet and it doesn’t get damaged.  I dropped it a few times accidentally and was quite rough with it but it seems to withstand the toughest of my working conditions.”

For demanding environments like radiology where doctors have to work almost 10 hours per day behind their computers, they can also use the foot pedal for hands-free recording. This allows them to further improve their productivity. They don’t have to toggle the mouse or go back and forth on the screen but simply can use the foot to start and stop the recording. According to Dr. Master, “The rewind and fast forward functions are not that important for radiologists, so switching recording on and off with the foot pedal allows to be completely hands free.”

Dr. Master has also been looking forward to the launch of the Philips AirBridge, a wireless adapter for Philips SpeechOne. It provides even more mobility since users don’t have to carry the docking station while on the move. It simply needs plugging into the computer and despite its tiny size, it still provides the same lossless audio transmission benefits like the docking station.

The solution

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