Dr. Rigou, teleradiologist, uses voice recognition on a daily basis

The facts

The customer
Dr. Gérald Rigou, Arcachon Bay, France

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SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless Dictation Microphone
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His activity in teleradiology requires the fast production of many medical reports for hospitals across France

In our era of new technology, telemedicine is an increasingly frequent topic and a discipline that certain radiologists, such as Dr. Gérald Rigou, have chosen to practice, with all the benefits it implies. With a vast share of his activity conducted from his home base, he interprets medical images at a distance for a number of hospitals from his private office.

Teleradiology - a revolution in the healthcare sector - is slowly but surely developing in France. This discipline aims to counter medical desertification and enables hospital medical imaging departments to maintain their activity.

Elaborating a flawless workstation

Every day, Dr. Rigou receives all the standard images produced in hospital environments (MRI, CT-Scan, etc.) for fast analysis and to produce the associated medical reports. Working in collaboration with several companies in contact with hospitals, he has, consequently, had to elaborate an advanced workstation. The equipment used for documentary reproduction is an important part of the technological backbone that enables him to do his job efficiently. Initially supplied by Elindo with a SpeechMike Premium, he then chose to move to a SpeechMike remium Air, the wireless version, ‘SpeechMike aleady enjoys an excellent reputation. In my view, there is no other product on the market to rival with Philips!’

Increasing benefits in terms of ergonomics.

The teleradiologist particularly appreciates working without being disturbed by wires, from his mouse to his new microphone, ‘The aim is to have nothing bothersome in my hands and to be as comfortable as possible at my interpretation workstation’. A carefully considered choice in line with the quest to improve his workflow, in other words to remove all those small, annoying and uncomfortable objects that hinder his work on a daily basis. ‘The wireless version of SpeechMike has improved my capacity to interpret, in the best possible conditions.’

This avid user of voice recognition reports results that are close to perfect thanks to SpeechMike. He recalls his ten years as a radiologist in Arcachon Bay, ‘At the time, I was in a medical practice and, already, my secretaries had stopped typing reports - we only used voice recognition. They were quick to realise that it would release time for them to deal with administrative tasks, to take better care of patients, to chase up medical insurance companies, etc. to do lots of other things we needed to do. The aim was not to reduce staff capacity, but to gain in terms of quality, by improving our human relationships with patients.’

Now on a 100% independent basis, thanks to his new activity, he works exclusively with voice recognition (Dragon Medical), associated with the SpeechMike Premium Air to produce all of his medical reports himself. With help from Elindo, he was able to set up and adopt the solution in record time.

Daily practice simplified, day by day

President of Télémédecins de France (TMF), Dr. Gérald Rigou strives to promote the development of teleradiology, in order to preserve quality practice within a context of strict economic and organisational constraints. Working from home, equipped with the best  solutions on the market, enables him to deliver a service with a high added value, whilst saving considerable time to make the most of his friends and family.

The aim is to have nothing bothersome in my hands and to be as comfortable as possible at my interpretation workstation.

Dr. Gérald Rigou

The solution

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“I’m not too bad a typer but in terms of speed, it actually is so much better using my voice.“

Tom Curran, Business Development Manager, Speech Processing Solutions

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“Time is money, and SpeechLive has allowed us at the firm to be able to get work done a lot quicker and easier than we had before. We can dictate from home or in traffic. Anytime we have our phone, we can dictate, and that allows us to be a lot more efficient because of the fact that there are no restraints on when we can work.“

Karson Pruemer, Attorney, Law Group Ltd

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“In the case of an urgent dictation, I send it with a red indicator and I can monitor it by simply consulting the software, to find out when it has been dealt with and by which secretary.“

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