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Hungarian health center aiming for highest standards

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Buda Health Center, Budapest, Hungarian
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Multi-Soft Kft.
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SpeechMike Premium Dictation Microphone
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Once upon a time there was a reputable military hospital in Budapest, Hungary. In in the year 2000 this hospital became the first private health center of Hungary, carrying the name Buda Health Center. Since these times a great success story evolved and today the establishment is one of the leading private health institutions in Budapest and the private hospital with the highest revenue in Hungary, offering its patients personalized comprehensive health care. Having already two main buildings and two medical stations in Budapest, the hospital aims to expand to the surroundings of the Hungarian capital with a third building soon.  

Already since the military hospital days, the Buda Health Center sets standards in orthopedic and spine surgery in whole Hungary. This circumstance fostered the institution’s transformation towards a private hospital with high standards, employing around 150 doctors and additional 400 staff members and housing 125 beds in the main building. 

Trusting in dictation for more than ten years

The Buda Health Center is fully aware of its pioneer role in Hungary, always having its high quality standards in mind. Delivering excellent medical services to their patients includes fast diagnosis processes which are done using the method of digital dictation. The hospital benefits from the Philips solutions already over ten years. These days the institution uses 60 Philips SpeechMike Dictation Microphones, several Philips PocketMemo Voice Recorders, around 60 licenses of Philips SpeechExec Dictation Software and transcription equipment. Hence, document creation processes are executed accurately and quickly, day by day. Ferenc Tóth, IT Administrator at Buda Health Center, is convinced of the benefits coming with the use of Philips dictation solutions: “Without any doubt dictation solutions by Philips support my colleagues and me to keep up the high level of quality at Buda Health Center and enable our doctors to get things done faster.” As the IT Administrator of the hospital he can see clearly the advantages for the doctors, being the users of the dictation equipment, but also for him as the responsible IT person: “Nowadays we face increasing demands on productivity in medical professions. Therefore, I appreciate tools such as the ones from Philips a lot. Mainly because they are user-friendly without the necessity of a long familiarization phase, technical support or extensive software installation.”

What I appreciate a lot is the possibility to mark certain recordings as urgent. This tells our transcriptionists to prioritize these recordings in order to receive transcriptions very fast.

Dr. Mária Puhl
Head of the radiology department at Buda Health Center

Enthusiasm throughout all doctor groups

Back in 2008, the radiologists and the spine surgery experts at Buda Health Center started using digital dictation solutions by Philips. Over the years, more and more of the medical staff members took up the working method to speed up their processes. Now all kinds of doctors are enthusiastic users of Philips dictation tools. During doctor’s visits to the stationary patients, the portable Philips PocketMemo Voice Recorders are used to document the health status and medication instructions. Dr. Mária Puhl, head of the radiology department at Buda Health Center, describes: “On the one hand, I use a Philips SpeechMike Dictation Microphone to create a patient report, with the key medical facts, after each patient interview. On the other hand, I use it while evaluating X-ray images of patients.” She emphasizes: “What I appreciate a lot is the possibility to mark certain recordings as urgent. This tells our transcriptionists to prioritize these recordings in order to receive transcriptions very fast. By making use of such automatic urgency notifications in the Philips software we can serve the high patient service standards at Buda Health Center. All in all, I evaluate the Philips dictation tools as very reliable and easy to use.”

Customer privacy as a prime asset

For the Buda Heath Center, the working method of dictating is key to prevent the privacy of their patients. Only the patient himself and the responsible doctor attend the patient interview to avoid any discomfort of the patient by the presence of an assistant or transcriptionist. After the interview, the doctors use audio recording technology to fulfill the clinical documentation requirements. A pool of transcriptionists working for the Buda Health Center transcribe the recorded audio files retrospectively, always keeping urgency notifications of certain recordings in sight. This serves an accurate and fast document creation workflow. Philips transcription tools such as the SpeechExec Transcription Set, consisting of lightweight stereo headphones, an ergonomic foot control and the SpeechExec workflow software, support this smooth process significantly. 

The solution

More satisfied customers

“Thanks to the superb sound quality of the SpeechMikes and the outstanding ease of use of our new system, we now have a future-proof solution that benefits our surgery and patients.“

Donna Aydon, Practice Manager

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Michelle Zenere, General Manager at Mullane & Lindsay Solicitors

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