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Device and Application Control Software

Full control over your hardware devices

for a perfectly personalized solution

Philips SpeechControl Device and Application Control Software gives you full control over your hardware devices. The software allows you to customize the physical buttons of your SpeechMike dictation microphone, the pedals of your foot control, as well as the application actions within your workflow and speech recognition solution.

Freely customize and assign different functions to each button and enable or disable certain features. You can make the F1 button create a new paragraph for example.

Configure your SpeechMike touch pad or trackball mouse to match your personal work preferences. You can increase or decrease the speed of your mouse cursor for example to fit your personal taste.

Customize the pedals of your foot control to fit your individual way of working and increase comfort.

Customize application commands, create hot keys or insert text to speed up your document creation process. You can for example insert a custom signature at the end of a letter with the click of a button.

Add and configure Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition commands for even quicker transcription. You can make tthe fast forward button to a next field button for example.

SpeechControl notifies you when new firmware updates are available for your device and allows you to download them automatically. This saves the user time and makes sure they are always up to date.

Administrators can configure and manage settings for multiple users centrally. This convenient feature saves time and resources.

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The VoiceTracer Speech Recognition Software only works with Philips VoiceTracer Audio Recorders. To download the installation file, enter the serial number, then click Download.

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Supported SpeechMikes:
LFH3200, LFH3300, LFH3500, LFH3600, SMP3700, SMP3800 and SMP4000 series
Supported foot controls:
ACC2300 and LFH2300 series
System requirements
Operating system:
Windows 11, Windows 10 (64 bit), macOS 12/11

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