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From smart thinking to effective action

The facts

The customer
JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER Advokater, Copenhagen, Denmark
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The solution
PocketMemo Voice Recorder
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JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER attorneys are highly specialized within the fields of insurance, tort, sea and transport law. Their client base consists of numerous professional organisations and private persons with various demands and expectations when it comes to working on a law case. This is why focus, flexibility, efficiency and secure and reliable communication to a large extent underpins their daily workflow. 

The choice of the dictation solution, both software and recording device, certainly plays an important role in optimizing the internal workflow. After evaluating the exact needs of JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER, a perfectly tailored and well-performing dictation solution has been implemented by sommer-as, certified distributor for Philips dictation solutions.

The new way of working

“I don’t quite know what it is, but I just like this device better”, says Mr. Mads Poulsen, Partner at JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER Advokater.

In their daily routine, JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER uses dictation to put everything from small messages, emails to extensive case descriptions into text. Although it is seen as a traditional working method, it saves time as everybody in the firm focuses on their actual task. 

“Once you get used to dictation, it is much faster than writing yourself. You might be quick, but you will never be as fast as the typist”, exclaims Mads Poulsen. “Not dictating and writing yourselves leads to more costs for the clients”, Mr. Poulsen adds.

Deciding for the right solution

Deciding for dictation as a working method was therefore easy for the law firm. When optimizing their internal workflow, JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER wanted to make sure they choose the optimal solution. This meant a solution, where the walls of the office do not constrain efficiency.

SpeechLive, the new cloud-based application by Philips used together with the portable Pocket Memo voice recorder and a smartphone, provides a great opportunity to overcome the physical constraints of the office and allows a much more flexible workday. Mads Poulsen points out, “My brain doesn’t shut down, when I leave the office at five o’clock. I often think of tasks or ideas, which I earlier would have written down on my to-do list or sent to myself in an email. Now, I simply dictate everything into my phone and press ‘send’ – and then it’s done!”

Christina Neugebauer, also partner at JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER, even explains how dictation provides the opportunity to improve the internal communication at the office. “Instead of writing a post-it to the secretary with a short message, you can be very kind and personal in a dictated message.” 

My brain doesn't shut down, when I leave the office at five o'clock. Now, I simply dictate everything into my phone and press 'send' – and then it’s done!

Mads Poulsen
Partner, JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER Advokater

Christina Neugebauer and Mads Poulsen, partners at JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER Advokater

The Philips Pocket Memo 8000

The new Pocket Memo voice recorder works very smoothly. It is the newest technology from Philips, and the metal design with the large color screen gives the device a high-class look and feel.

“It fits your hand perfectly, even for longer periods, and it practically never runs out of power. The quality of the hardware is just fantastic,” says Mrs. Neugebauer. “Once you have learned to dictate, the device becomes your best friend,” she added enthusiastically.

No constraints in our way of working

The real innovation in this case is SpeechLive. Being able to catch up with the work­load, in what otherwise would have just been waiting time, is the major time saver for Christina Neugebauer and Mads Poulsen.

“It is super smart. For example when sitting at the airport, reading through the same paper over and over again, or while waiting in the car for your son to finish hockey practice, you can just take out your phone and keep busy. It also gives you the opportunity to do your work while away on business in Southern Italy. With this solution you can keep updated and minimize your workload. Sitting in the sun with a piece of paper and my phone and doing some work outside of the office can be also quite pleasurable and relieve stress”, Mr. Poulsen adds delighted. 

It is super smart. For example when sitting at the airport, reading through the same paper over and over again, or while waiting in the car for your son to finish hockey practice, you can just take out your phone and keep busy.

Mads Poulsen
Partner, JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER Advokater

Keeping up with changing needs

The needs of legal practices have changed and the technology has to keep up. Patrick Figgé, project manager at sommer-as, has worked in the dictation business for a number of years and he recognizes the changing conditions. 

“The modern lawyer dictates quite a lot ‘on the go’ and sends it straight to the secretary, simply because they are often at clients and not in the office. This calls for new thinking and our solution with JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER Advokater has really embodied this new way of working”, explains Patrick Figgé.

An example hereof is the option of transcribing multiple dictations simulta­neously, by sending them to more than one secretary. Christina Neugebauer is a keen user of this function, and as she ex­claims: “Just this morning our secretaries received four dictations from me, and they are working on them as we speak.” 

Smooth transition to a new solution

Transitioning from the former solution to the current one happened completely without hick-ups. Implementing the solution with sommer-as, JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER experienced an upgrade in all respects. Everything worked from day one and this in an improved manner. “The transition period simply did not exist. We had absolutely no problems,” Christina Neugebauer points out. Mads Poulsen states promptly after, “You get really good at going from thought to written word. You can almost write a letter in one breath.” 

Philips and sommer-as see this solution as the future of digital dictation; Creating and supporting such efficient workflows, where tasks are solved quickly and thoroughly, where the strengths of lawyers and secretaries are utilized in an optimal fashion and where the best possible outcome for the company and client is guaranteed. In short, Philips dictation solutions bridge the gap between smart thinking and efficient action.

The solution

More satisfied customers

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