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Philips SpeechAir smart voice recorder

Philips SpeechAir smart voice recorder

receives top ranking for exceptional audio quality and design

Philips is delighted to announce that its SpeechAir smart voice recorder received the highest recording-accuracy score by Nuance Communications in the industry. High praise wasn’t just reserved for function, but also for the appealing design of this revolutionary mobile tool: the new professional recorder won the Red Dot Design Award this year for its innovative look.

Philips delivers outstanding sound and recording quality customers expect

Nuance, the multinational technology corporation with headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts that specializes in speech and imaging applications, regularly evaluates recording accuracy by testing the performance of various voice recording devices and their suitability for speech recognition. The Philips SpeechAir smart voice recorder was given the maximum score of six “flames” by the speech recognition professionals.

“The Philips SpeechAir comes with three outstanding, high-quality microphones for the most accurate transcription results possible” said Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions. The easy-to-use Philips SpeechAir smart voice recorder comes with a professional slide switch, powerful battery, WiFi connection, and an integrated camera for attaching supporting photos and visuals to recordings. “SpeechAir is the missing link between smartphones and dictation recorders. It combines the best of both worlds!”

Red Dot Design Award 2016 for SpeechAir – form and function at their best

Function isn’t everything, and a market-leading product must also impress with superior form. The Philips SpeechAir received the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award 2016 for its exceptional ergonomic design. The Red Dot Design Award, given by an international jury of experts since 1954, is one of the world’s most sought-after design quality seals. In 2015 alone, there were approximately 17,000 entries in multiple categories. The SpeechAir smart voice recorder was designed to fit perfectly into the user’s hand. Ease of use is essential, and the SpeechAir is comfortable to handle even when recording for extended periods of time.

Easy to integrate into existing IT systems

The voice recorder can easily be integrated into existing IT systems, whether in hospitals, clinics or legal practices – ranging from small to large. Ingo Bischof, CEO of IVAM, a leading asset management and real estate firm in Austria said: “Philips SpeechAir is perfect for turning your voice into text. We integrated it into our current workflow, and it has greatly helped us automatize our document creation process. We use the devices in combination with Philips SpeechLive speech recognition service to automatically turn our recordings into written documents.”

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