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Philips Speech SmartMike Duo receives Red Dot Design Award

Latest generation of AI voice technology solution receives prestigious Red Dot Design Award


Philips Speech, the global leader in professional voice technology solutions, proudly accepted the Red Dot Design Award for its SmartMike Duo, the latest innovation that allows the recording of (for the time being) two speakers separately, even if they talk simultaneously. The jury’s decision was based on design, function and quality of the innovative AI solution from the Viennese world market leader for voice technology. Most recently, Philips Speech succeeded with a previous model, the Philips SpeechMike Premium Touch. This Red Dot Award is the fourth in total that Philips Speech has received over the last few years.

Artificial Intelligence from Vienna

The SmartMike Duo offers innovative solutions in voice technology. The globally unique AI solution is capable of recording a natural conversation separately for each speaker and then convert it into a text using speech recognition, for instance. “Even simultaneous passages of a conversation, in which two people speak at the same time, can now be perfectly distinguished, recorded and converted into text. This new technology is made possible by the collaboration of hardware, software and artificial intelligence” – reports Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO of Philips Speech.

Listening to customers

Long before Siri and Alexa became part of our everyday lives, game-changing voice technology products had already been designed, developed and produced in Vienna. For Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Wilfried Schaffner the art of innovation is not inspired by producing what customers demand, but by scrutinizing what they truly need, even if they are not always aware of what that is. Schaffner adds: “We are able to implement the results instantaneously from our production facility in Vienna, which gives us a great advantage compared to a production location in far East Asia, for instance.”

Possible Applications

Most importantly, the SmartMike Duo aims to help customers save time with documentation. The expenditure in this area is constantly increasing. The spectrum of applications ranges from improved patient documentation in healthcare, consultations on financial or insurance issues as well as business deals, legal areas such as testimonies or interrogations, among others.

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