SpeechExec Enterprise Dictation and Transcription Solution

SpeechExec Enterprise

Dictation and Transcription Solution


  • Speech recognition option
  • Smartphone app
  • Remote hardware administration
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VoiceTracer Speech Recognition Software


Speech Recognition Software


  • Speech recognition software
  • Automatic transcription
  • Exceptional transcription accuracy rate
€ 40.98 excl. VAT
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What our customers say

“Keeping my IT systems constantly up to date and reinvesting every three months was simply time-consuming. I wanted a cloud solution that was maintenance-free and easy to use.“

Matthias Kucera, Lawyer, Hard, Austria

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“In my view, a voice recorder is a tool that perfectly adapts for use in schools!“

Aurélia Onyszko, School teacher, Florange, France

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“I try not to waste time typing, because my fingers can’t keep up with my ideas. With dictation, I can get all my thoughts down in a reasonably coherent manner while they are fresh in my head, and then refine the work from there.“

Bob Davis, Bell Fish Company, USA

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“This innovative solution enables secretarial organisation to be optimised and medical report capture to be pooled. It saves time and offers flexible use with the advantages of both a smartphone and a dictation recorder.“

Pierre Pacini, Information system manager, Goüin Hospital, Clichy

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