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The facts

The customer
Pivarnyikné Dr. Juhász Emöke, Budapest, Hungary

Philips partner
Belux Group Ltd.
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The solution
SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder
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SpeechMike Premium Dictation Microphone
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Pivarnyikné dr. Juhász Emöke law office is a well-known Hungarian law company that offers its services since 1987. The law firm is situated in the city center of Budapest, the emergent capital of Hungary in the core of Europe. Pivarnyikné dr. Juhász Emöke law office employs eleven lawyers as well as one office assistant and is, among others, specialized in family law, tax law, company law and particularly civil proceedings. Composing submissions and formulating letters are daily tasks that need to be done in an efficient way. 

For the major part of their thirty years in the legal business, the lawyers of Pivarnyikné dr. Juhász Emöke law office have been using dictation for their daily document creation tasks. But the way they made use of dictation changed massively over the years.

Transformation to mobile dictation

“More than twenty years ago we used to dictate with analog dictation microphones, but dealing with cassettes was neither convenient nor cost effective. We somehow felt restricted in our flexibility”, Dr. Emöke Juhász, head-lawyer of the law firm, describes. The process of creating text included secretaries who did the manual transcription of audio files – a time-consuming task. 

With the help of Belux, the leading Hungarian speech recognition provider, the law firm succeeded in updating their document creation processes: “Belux consulted us really well. With their expertise and proper consultation we made the switch to digital dictation and speech recognition, which we have been using for twelve years now”, Dr. Emöke Juhász outlines. Now, five lawyers benefit from using the Hungarian speech recognition software ‘Globalspeech’ in combination with digital dictation devices by Philips. The Philips SpeechAir may look like a smartphone at first sight, but in fact it is a high-end voice recorder. It enables the lawyers of Pivarnyikné dr. Juhász Emöke law office to dictate also while they have consultations with clients. This raises their flexibility dramatically. The SpeechAir Voice Recorder makes it possible to access client data and audio files everywhere, at any time. Dictation files can easily be sent through Wi-Fi.

Benefiting from Philips dictation microphones and Globalspeech speech recognition makes us more effective as a law firm.

Dr. Emöke Juhász

Optimized for ideal text results

“A lot of correspondence happens at court and with the clients, so we prepare submissions, contracts and letters on a daily basis. Here, the SpeechAir is the perfect fit when it comes to dictation. But plenty of other text creation happens in our office as well. There, we appreciate using our stationary dictation microphones by Philips, called SpeechMike Premium”, Dr. Emöke Juhász explains. The free-floating studio quality microphone of Philips SpeechMike Premium is optimized for human voice recording. This is a crucial feature for the law office as it is therefore the perfect input device for speech recognition software users like them. The Philips SpeechMike Premium was even rated ‘best desktop dictation microphone on the market’ by Nuance, the world’s leading speech recognition company.

Hungarian speech recognition

Edvard Benes, Key Account Manager at Belux, adds: “We offer our speech recognition software Globalspeech to customers in the healthcare industry for twelve years already. But customers of the legal segment, like the Pivarnyikné dr. Juhász Emöke law office, are relatively new to us. Being certified distribution partner for Philips dictation products enables us to offer a proper solution portfolio to these customers as well. This is fantastic and opens up completely new business opportunities. Our speech recognition software Globalspeech delivers very good results due to the high quality of the Philips dictation microphones”. Globalspeech is available in 15 languages and is the only legal speech recognition software that exists in Hungarian language. 

Smooth correction

After the speech recognition software converts audio files into text, the office assistant of the law office can do final corrections while proofreading. By using the Philips Transcription Set LFH7177 this last step in the document creation process can be done quickly and smoothly. The set consists of an ergonomic foot control and lightweight stereo headphones that provide maximum wearing comfort. This rounds the solution portfolio of document creation off.

“Philips dictation microphones and Globalspeech speech recognition make us more effective as a law firm. We can deliver faster, which is much appreciated by our clients. We can warmly recommend document creation solutions by Philips and Belux to any Hungarian law firm!”, Dr. Emöke Juhász concludes.

The solution

More satisfied customers

“The evolution to SpeechLive has been extremely smooth, and accomplished with very minimal training.“

Gale Kicinski, Records Administrative Supervisor, Port Huron Police Department

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“I can’t say enough good things about the Philips solution and really think any firm will be satisfied with the results.“

Gail Gianunzio, Paralegal, Lynch & Lynch, South Easton, USA

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“With SpeechExec Enterprise, the way we work in and outside the firm has massively improved. Using speech recognition, we no longer have an overflowing pile of dictations, our team members‘ work speed has significantly increased, and we are also on the safe side when it comes to data privacy.“

Andreas Nörr, IT and data privacy expert, Möller Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB, Rosenheim

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“Keeping my IT systems constantly up to date and reinvesting every three months was simply time-consuming. I wanted a cloud solution that was maintenance-free and easy to use.“

Matthias Kucera, Lawyer, Hard, Austria

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