Mobile and remote working made easy

with smart Philips dictation and transcription software

With the rising importance of remote working, effective workflow tools optimized for mobility have become vital for businesses. Our dictation and transcription solutions help you stay productive no matter where you are working from. You can dictate from anywhere using a voice recorder, microphone or simply your smartphone and have your recordings transcribed.

Our software unites team members and helps eliminate downtime in the document creation process. From automating and optimizing dictation and transcription flows between internal staff, offering speech recognition or external transcription services or simply helping users to work more mobile, Philips has a solution for everyone.

SpeechExec Enterprise Dictation Workflow Solution

SpeechExec Enterprise

Dictation Workflow Solution


  • Sophisticated workflow management
  • Recorder for convenient direct dictation
  • Central administration and Active Directory
  • Remote environment support
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 Voice recorder app

Voice recorder app


  • Professional recording and editing functions
  • Priority function
  • Widget
  • Car mode
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SDK For SpeechExec Recorder and Dictation Hardware


For SpeechExec Recorder and Dictation Hardware


  • Run mixed environments
  • Source code examples
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SDK For Dictation Hardware


For Dictation Hardware


  • One interface
  • Fast and easy integration
  • Source code examples
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SDK For Web Recorder


For Web Recorder


  • Easy and reliable integration
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SpeechControl Device and Application Control Software


Device and Application Control Software


  • Freely configure your SpeechMike’s buttons and preinstalled modes
  • Customize your foot control
  • Configure workflow applications
  • Receive notifications when new firmware upgrades are available for your device
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 Remote Device Management Software

Remote Device Management Software


  • Central configuration and management
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Support of virtual environments
  • Free version available
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VoiceTracer Speech Recognition Software


Speech Recognition Software


  • Speech recognition software
  • Automatic transcription
  • Exceptional transcription accuracy rate
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What our customers say

“In my view, a voice recorder is a tool that perfectly adapts for use in schools!“

Aurélia Onyszko, School teacher, Florange, France

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“I try not to waste time typing, because my fingers can’t keep up with my ideas. With dictation, I can get all my thoughts down in a reasonably coherent manner while they are fresh in my head, and then refine the work from there.“

Bob Davis, Bell Fish Company, USA

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“This innovative solution enables secretarial organisation to be optimised and medical report capture to be pooled. It saves time and offers flexible use with the advantages of both a smartphone and a dictation recorder.“

Pierre Pacini, Information system manager, Goüin Hospital, Clichy

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“The big advantage of the new system is that both software and dictation files are located on a central Citrix server. It doesn’t matter where our doctors or secretaries are. They can always access it.“

Jesper Pedersen, Aleris-Hamlet Hospitals, Denmark

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