The verdict on cloud for the legal space?

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Modernizing work-life for legal professionals is a high priority as the needs of law firms, their clients, and their employees have changed.

Cloud computting is one of the most widely impactful and transformative of these recent trends in the commercial realm, and the time is ripe for law firms to take advantage of its potential to achieve next-level business goals.

Read our new eBook and discover how cloud and speech solutions are modernising work-life for legal professionals.

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“For us, SpeechLive has delivered the flexibility we were after by enabling all staff to retrieve any dictation, irrespective of which office they are sitting in. There is no paper, and most importantly no time delay.”“

Philip McInstosh, Chief Executive Officer, Commins Hendriks Solicitors

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“I write better when I can sit back in my chair, let the thoughts come and dictate them.“

Noel Whittaker, Author

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“I’ve used speech recognition for over 25 years, and finally I achieved a 100% accuracy rate thanks to the Philips SpeechOne!“

Mark Robinson SC, Maurice Byers Chambers

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“From a user perspective it was really easy to switch to Philips SpeechLive. You don’t really notice that it's in the cloud.“

Nicole Dymock, Office Manager, Cooke and Hutchinson, Australia

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