Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition

Cloud-based clinical speech recognition

for documenting care in the EPR and beyond

Clinicians can use their voice to securely capture the patient story more naturally, efficiently and on their terms. Dragon Medical One provides a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience that spans solutions, platforms, devices, and physical locations. With Nuance Dragon Medical One, your staff can stay productive whether they are at the workstation or anywhere else they need to be.

Dragon Medical One requires no voice profile training, a single cloud based profile is auto established at first use powered by AI algorithms and a first‑class professional medical vocabulary. Accent adjustments and microphone calibration are automatic, providing even greater accuracy up to 99%, and an optimal clinician experience from the start.

Advanced speech with natural language commands promotes an efficient approach to documenting care before, during, and after the patient consultation. Clinicians decide how and where documentation gets done—from dictating at the cursor to using an integrated dictation box, as well as modern browser support.

Dragon Medical One is hosted within Microsoft Azure data centers in the European Union, UK and Australia supporting the high availability, business continuity and security demands in those countries.

With remarkable responsiveness and resilience, this GDPR — compliant and ISO 27001 — certified solution enables broad integration and seamless support for both browser and web-based EPRs — giving you the flexibility you need in the environment you want.

Easily manage licenses, deployments, and default settings to ensure an efficient, familiar, and predictable experience across care settings, devices, and apps.

Clinicians decide how and where documentation gets done. Dictate at cursor, directly into the application of your choice, or use a dictation box to access your personalizations and transfer text between apps. Anchor dictation allows you to maintain focus as you move between multiple apps.

Use analytics to track and monitor usage trends while maximizing individual and group-level performance on regular basis. Identify opportunities for ongoing improvement and measure performance against users across all healthcare organizations.

For best speech recognition results using dedicated dictation devices is recommended. The Philips SpeechMike Dictation Microphone has become an industry standard in hospitals around the world. The wireless version makes dictation even more comfortable and efficient giving the user the freedom to move around freely when dictating. Users preferring a headset will find a perfect work companion in the Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset.

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System requirements
Client operating system:
64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems, with latest patches applied
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (or higher) is required
2.8 Ghz
4 GB
Internet connection:
80 kBps and higher
Web browser:
Google Chrome recommended
Supported languages:
English (UK, IRE, AUS/NZ), German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian
SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset PSM6000 series
Philips PocketMemo Voice Recorder DPM8000 Series
Philips SpeechMike, SpeechMike Premium, SpeechMike Premium Touch and SpeechMike Premium Air Dictation Microphones


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