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Philips SpeechOne is the first headset on the market, developed specifically for dictation and speech recognition., a popular hardware testing platform in Denmark, gave it the best possible score in a product test: a 10 out of 10.

All features rated positively

The test report analyzed the most important product features. emphasized that SpeechOne is developed for the professional user. According to them, it is “a product for the professional with a high degree of focus on speech recognition”. Positively highlighted were the clean and simple design and the high-quality materials. As professionals will use it intensively, the high wearing comfort was also pointed out. Major factors such as the ease of use, the SpeechExec software and all other included hardware components such as the status light and the docking station were all rated positively. 

“All in all it is hard not to be excited about a product like the Philips SpeechOne if you need high quality voice recognition.”

About Tweak is an online hardware testing platform that is popular in Denmark but increasingly also in the Germany under and globally under Tweak particularly emphasizes that their reports and reviews are independent and honest.

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