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Faster and more accurate document creation for the healthcare industry

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We help you create accurate clinical documentation quicker and more efficiently than ever before using professional medical speech to text solutions, tailored specially for the healthcare industry.

Whether you are a doctor running a small private practice, work in a large hospital, or switch between the two, we have the perfect solution for you. Our medical workflow solutions help you tackle the intense time pressure most clinicians face.

We help you automize and optimize processes and avoid administrative errors, which can cause delays or in the worst case even be life threatening to your patients.


Medical speech recognition

Save time by dictating your documents yourself, using leading professional medical speech recognition software, such as the industry-leading speech recognition Dragon Nuance Medical. Our solutions also give you the freedom to work flexibly the way you desire. You can also combine classic transcription routing and medical voice recognition software. If no transcriptionists are available at a given time, you can use speech recognition to create documentation instantly.

  • Medical speech recognition is up to seven times quicker than typing yourself
  • Professional medical vocabulary for all fields of medicine (from radiology to pediatrics)
  • Large selection of languages available
  • Audio files are still available after speech recognition for easy proof reading
  • Dictate directly into your HIS or productivity apps

    Microphones built for the medical speech to text

    With over 60 years of experience in creating professional dictation microphones, we can offer you:

    • Excellent sound quality for accurate transcription
    • Speaker separation for accurate meeting transcripts
    • Robust housing for extensive daily use
    • Ergonomic design for comfortable long use
    • Hygienic surface
    • Barcode scanner for quick linking of patient data


    Medical dictation solutions 

    Our solutions help clinicians and transcriptionists work together quicker and easier. Processes such as sending dictations to an assistant for transcription and then returning the ready document back to the clinician can be automated and optimized for seamless collaboration and increased efficiency. 

    • No more emails back and forth 
    • Reliable and easy patient to file assignment
    • Save transcribed recordings directly into your healthcare information system (HIS)
    • On premise or cloud hosting available
    • Central administration
    • Virtual environment support
    • External transcriptionist service available 


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Find out how our dictation software for medical professionals can help your practice or hospital run smoother, quicker and increase the time you have for your patients.

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All recordings are saved for increased accuracy

Regardless of whether you are dictating and choosing classic transcription by an assistant or only using medical voice recognition yourself, you always have the option to save your audio file as an additional file as well. This makes proof reading at a later stage by an assistant a lot easier and more accurate, as it eliminates any guess work. Using most speech recognition apps on their own without our solution will not save your voice file.


Highest security standards for medical dictation

We understand that patient data is extremely sensitive and must always be kept safe. Therefore, we developed the most secure dictation solutions available for hospitals. Dictations are encrypted in real-time using the highest encryption standard available to protect your data and prevent from unauthorized access. Data can be stored using your on-premise server hosting, or you can choose our cloud-hosting option, which adheres to the strictest security norms.

  • Voice recorder password protection
  • Kensington lock for secure desk fixation against theft
  • Real-time encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • GDPR conformity for EU clients
  • Our data centers have been awarded security certificates

Talk to an expert?

See how our dictation software for medical professionals can help your practice or hospital run smoother, quicker and increase the time you have for your patients.

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The process of dictating has helped me to increase efficiency. It works fast, easy, straightforward and accurate.

Dr. Doris Ulreich-Laussermayer
Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, Stegersbach, Austria

More satisfied customers

“The SpeechLive mobile app has given some of the therapists who are new to dictation an ease of workflow. It is a skill in itself to talk rather than type.“

Sarah McEntee, Occupational therapist, team leader

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“In terms of security, the software is hosted on-premise and so are the dictations. Patient privacy is a big priority for us and it’s important that we keep their data safe.“

Tammy Bands, IT Manager of Orthopaedics SA

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“Turnaround time of documents is at least 80% better. They are able to effectively produce 17000 discharge summaries per year and 20-30000 pieces of typed work per year between five secretaries!“

Chantelle Le Feuvre, Senior Medical secretary

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“The process is efficient; letters are dictated immediately after the patient leaves enabling a steady administrative flow to the secretaries and overall smoother and faster document processing.“

Dean Putland, Head of IT and BI

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