Speeding up insurance claim processing

The facts

The customer
Equity Adjusters, Parkside, SA, Australia

Philips partner
Copia Business Machines
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The solution
PocketMemo Voice Recorder
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SpeechExec Transcription Set
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Equity Adjusters SA Pty Ltd switches to the Philips mobile digital dictation solution to accelerate their daily work on insurance claims.


Equity Adjusters SA Pty Ltd is an insurance claims expert in Parkside near Adelaide specialising in loss adjusting and offering their professional services to insurance companies since 1992. The Australian company is locally owned and operated and has 16 employees.

Workflow and solution

“When a loss claim is first filed with us, we visit the site of the loss on behalf of the insurance company to analyse the actual situation”, tells Della Wilson, Administration Manager at Equity Adjusters. 

This is already where the digital dictation solution comes in. For voice recording the company uses the Pocket Memo 8000 or 9600 series combined with the SpeechExec Pro dictation workflow software, which connects authors and transcriptionists and covers the whole digital process from the voice recording to the finished text document.

“After examining the site, in most cases I dictate my report straight away while the information is still fresh in my mind – most of the time this happens still on site in the car or in a near location after the appointment. Once the dictation is finished, I trigger speech recognition and the text is written automatically for me”, explains Kirsty Gully, Claims assistant at Equity Adjusters.

This text file and the dictation is then sent to the assistant in the office who will again listen to the dictation, do corrections as needed and create an official claims report, which is then signed off by the initial dictation author as a final step.

“In the old days the dictation and text file where uploaded to the workflow software after connecting the Pocket Memo with the computer, now we speed up the process even more by transferring the files remotely while the loss adjuster is still on site. The assistant can start working straight after the loss adjuster has finished his dictation, reducing the turnaround time to a minimum”, Ms. Wilson says proudly.

Using dictation is very essential for my job, next to being extremely fast, the voice recorders are really easy to use and I can take them easily with me.

Lee G Pennock
Director and Senior Executive Loss Adjuster

Speeding up with digital dictation

“Coming from analogue recorders with cassettes, Equity Adjusters are now using dictation on a whole new level and enjoy the full advantages of a digital solution, especially in accelerating the process tremendously from the first notification of the loss to the finished report document. I would say on an average the process now takes just half the time it used to,” tells Mr. Flatau, Managing Director at Copia Business Machines, Certified Philips dictation distributor in South Australia.

SpeechExec Pro workflow software makes your digital dictation workflow manageable. You can monitor the status of your claims, assign specific topics to specific people, prioritise dictations, change settings for confidential matters, manage your work peaks by evenly distributing the workload among your staff and much more.

Dictation in the insurance industry

“Using dictation is very essential for my job, next to being extremely fast, the voice recorders are really easy to use and I can take them easily with me, they do not weigh a lot in my bag. What we also enjoy in our company is that the device is transferable if needed. We have the devices within our office and whoever needs to go on site just takes it with them,” shares Kristy Gully.

Philips digital technology has improved the efficiency and convenience of the investigators’ work at Equity Adjusters while eliminating costly cassettes and outdated recorders. The SpeechExec Workflow software works with all Philips mobile and corded voice recorders and even with the Philips dictation recorder app for your smartphone. With Philips dictation solutions the whole claims process can be streamlined and simplified down to a minimum.

“I would definitely recommend a Philips dictation solution to companies working in our industry. Copia Business Machines does a great job consulting and supporting us and helped us to find the right solution that fits our needs. The transition to a digital dictation solution was very welcome in our company, because it makes managing our day to day workload much easier,” Ms. Wilson concludes.

The solution

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