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Courts in Central and Eastern Europe talk with Philips

Courts in Central and Eastern Europe talk with Philips

Philips Dictation has been a technology partner of courts for many years and continues to massively expand its customer base in Central and Eastern Europe, including for example Austria, the Czech Republic or Hungary - driven by developments such as speech recognition and Software as a Service.

Judges have always been "heavy users" of dictation solutions. They dictate during or after a hearing and transcriptionists do the typing. What sounds so simple in theory is covered in practice by specialized software and hardware, and with good reason.

After all, courts everywhere are under enormous time pressure and groan under a particularly high workload wherever you look. The high effort for documentation aggravates the already tight staffing levels of judges, office staff and court clerks. There is no room for error in such a delicate environment, after all, the functioning of the rule of law and personal or entrepreneurial livelihoods are at stake.

Trend towards speech recognition and software as a service

Digital dictation solutions and speech recognition speed up the documentation process enormously, because it is more efficient to create a protocol based on an audio recording instead of a handwritten note, or to use speech recognition. It is hard to imagine how much longer the documentation would take if judges had to type and format their own documents.

Reliability is crucial and a major reason why Software as a Service is becoming more and more relevant to the courts. Once purchased, software licenses must be renewed regularly to keep them working; if not, they can fail. With subscription solutions, the software is always up to date. Software on subscription basis has the financial advantage that there are low initial investment costs and that it can be scaled as required.

The Europe-wide changeover to home office, caused by COVID-19, also leads to more interest in completely web-based solutions, such as Philips SpeechLive, because here you can work with a web browser without any software installation whatsoever.

Thousands of judges already work with Philips

In some countries, the judiciary has been a Philips customer for 15 years or more. Meanwhile, thousands of judges in Central and Eastern Europe, including countries like Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary, are using Philips solutions and the number is growing every year. Customer loyalty is so close that the SpeechExec Enterprise software, which is still used in most cases, has grown with these customers. Functions such as the obligatory citation of a number of a file are a direct result of requests from judges and show how important individual customization is to Philips.

SpeechExec Enterprise is a workflow software for complex structured companies with several branches - or even courts. It connects authors and typists with each other and supports the central control of all users at different locations. Together with specialized hardware such as the Philips Digital Pocket Memo, the entire documentation process can be mapped from start to finish, even when working on the move, such as with the Philips Voice Recorder app, under the highest security standards and with real-time encryption during transmission.

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