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Desktop dictation system

Simply working smarter

with Philips dictation solutions

The dictation system 730 is designed for user-friendly professional-quality dictation. All major dictation functions can be controlled with one hand. The secret of the dictation system 730 is its easy and fast access to any part of the tape. It offers efficient dictation and transcription, thanks to the visual workflow display. Your recordings can be identified and located easily based on their priority and length.

Auto rewind allows you to save time by quickly returning to the beginning of the tape automatically.

Search forward and skip functions allow quick access to the start of the next recording, making it easier to navigate through your recordings. Auto rewind allows you to save time by quickly returning to the beginning of the tape automatically.

Audible scan allows you to find specific parts of dictations easily.

The optional foot pedal LFH2210 for hands-free playback control and the professional transcription headphones LFH0234 turn your Philips desktop dictation system into a transcription machine.

Variable tone, speed and volume controls guarantee crystal clear playback and provide all the necessary features for transcription accuracy.

The high-quality microphone picks up every acoustic detail for perfect sound reproduction.

The built-in front speaker guarantees crystal clear playback of your dictation files.

Recording sensitivity can be changed to avoid background noises and adjust to the recording environment.

The large display shows all the information needed to manage the workload. It shows important information such as cassette length and remaining recording time.

Easy and quick file editing via convenient slide-switch operation. It offers a fast response and is designed for single-handed operation.

You can safeguard valuable dictations using the record protection function. This way you will never accidentally record over valuable recordings.

The turbo wind function allows you to jump to any part of the tape within seconds and save you valuable time.

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3.5 mm

Foot pedal:
3.5 mm


Power supply:
12 V DC


200–6.000 Hz

Output power:
>600 mW


Sensitivity: dictation mode: 4 mV/90 dB ± 2 dB, conference mode:
4 mV / 76 dB ± 2dB

84 dB/100 mW/10 cm

Input voltage:
0.5 V/2 kΩ

Green specifications

Compliant to 2002/95/EC (RoHS)

Lead-free soldered product

Package contents

Dictation and transcription machine LFH0730

Mini cassette LFH0005

Microphone LFH0276

Power supply ACC0155

Microphone holder


Product dimensions:
135 mm × 232 mm × 50 mm/5.3" × 9.1" × 2.0"

1150 g/39 oz


Philips headphones LFH0234

Philips meeting microphone LFH9172

Philips foot pedal LFH2210

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