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The facts

The customer
Dr Slav Khristov Kostov, Subiaco, Australia

Philips partner
VoiceX Communications
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The solution
SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder
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Dr Slav Kostov uses a stat-of-the-art Philips dictation solution for time efficient medical reporting

Dr Slav Kostov is a medical specialist in psychiatry and pain medicine based in Subiaco, Western Australia. Having gained experience in various positions, Dr Kostov currently works in his private practice.

“Dictation is an essential, integral and very important part in my daily work. I have to dictate letters to the referring practitioners daily as well as prepare relevant reports and other documents that are required in the course of my work”, Dr Kostov says. “The good, user friendly and reliable dictating equipment is crucial as the last thing one needs are technically complicated and unreliable devices.”

The solution

This year Dr Kostov upgraded his outdated dictation equipment to the new Philips SpeechAir smart dictation recorder complemented by the Philips SpeechLive cloud dictation solution. As a back-up option Dr Kostov can also dictate with the Philips dictation app on his smartphones. 

We started with the Philips SpeechAir in July 2016. What makes a big difference is that now I can transfer my audio files wirelessly to my secretary, straight away after I have finished my dictation from anywhere! In the past I had to connect the device to the office computer. Recently, I dictated from overseas and it made no difference – the whole process worked like in my usual working environment. This is so convenient and practical!”, added Dr Kostov.

Dr Kostov typically does his dictations after the appointments with his patients and then sends it off to his secretary with just a couple of taps on his SpeechAir voice recorder or smartphone. The audio file is uploaded to Philips SpeechLive, where the secretary can access the file, listen to the dictation and type the letter or report.

"Most of the time I am working with my Philips SpeechAir recorder, because it has the traditional functionalities of a dictation recorder that I am used to. When you have to use a device for hours daily, you just need a working tool that feels good in your hand and can be operated almost blindly," explains Dr Kostov.

The good, user friendly and reliable dictating equipment is crucial as the last thing one needs are technically complicated and unreliable devices.

Dr Slav Khristov Kostov
Medical Practice Dr Slav Khristov Kostov, Subiaco

Improved sound quality and mobility
“Compared to older solutions, the new SpeechAir delivers a great sound quality. You can understand every word very clearly and therefore do the transcription a lot faster,” attests Sarah Yovich, secretary at Dr Kostov. “For me it is also extremely convenient that I can access the audio files online and therefore able to do transcription work from any other computer.”

Easy set-up
The transfer to the new Philips SpeechLive solution was very easy as you do not need additional hardware or software. “We just had to setup the needed dictation and transcription accounts online, give a short training session and the users were ready to go. Philips SpeechLive smoothly works together with all Philips dictation recorders and of course the Philips dictation recorder app for smartphones. Also on the transcription side you just take a Philips headset and foot control, plug it in on your USB port and you can access the audio file in SpeechLive without having to install additional software,” tells Dionne Morrison, Managing Director at VoiceX communications, a certified distributor for Philips dictation solutions with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, operating throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Excellent service and support
“We are very satisfied with the service and support by VoiceX Communications. We have been customers for nearly 20 years now. I think our loyalty over so many years is the best proof of the quality of their service”, Dr Kostov tells enthusiastically.

“When working as a psychiatrist, I think dictation is an indispensable working tool and a good dictation solution is a key to managing the workload and time. I definitely recommend our Philips dictation solution to other doctors.” Dr Kostov concludes.

The solution

More satisfied customers

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“Medical data is secure and healthcare staff do not have to worry about the confidentiality of their reports.“

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