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The Starter Kit 0064 is for professionals who generate and transcribe large quantities of dictation. The Pocket Memo dictation recorder 388 has the classic 4-position slide switch, giving you single-handed operation of record, playback and erase. It partners with the desktop transcription system 720 – a dedicated transcription machine that makes a heavy workload manageable. Together, they allow you to produce documents with ease.

PocketMemo dictation and transcription set

The automatic gain control lets you adjust to the optimum recording level at any time.

The warning tones for end-of-tape and low battery status ensure that no dictation is cut off. The end-of-letter index tone indicates the start of each document and number of recordings.

Easy and quick file editing via convenient slide-switch operation. It offers a fast response and is designed for single-handed operation.

The turbo wind function allows you to jump to any part of the tape within seconds and save you valuable time.

The status LED always shows if your battery is running low and the record status.

Voice-activated recording is a convenience feature for hands-free recording. When enabled, recording will start automatically when you start speaking. Recording stops automatically after you stop speaking and restarts automatically when you start speaking again.

Search forward and skip functions allow quick access to the start of the next recording, making it easier to navigate through your recordings. Auto rewind allows you to save time by quickly returning to the beginning of the tape automatically.

Slim, ergonomic design guarantees hands-free control of all playback functions with minimal physical strain.

Lightweight under-the-chin style stereo headphones designed to deliver excellent sound quality, with soft ear cushions for enhanced wearing comfort.

Variable tone, speed and volume controls guarantee crystal clear playback and provide all the necessary features for transcription accuracy.

The auto backspace automatically replays the last few seconds to review recorded material for transcribing confirmation and accurate and fast transcription.

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  • Pocket Memo dictation recorder

  • Headphone socket: 2.5 mm
  • Microphone socket: 2.5 mm
  • Acoustic frequency response: 400–4,000 Hz
  • Output power: >100 mW
  • Product dimensions (W × D × H): 128 mm × 63 mm × 25 mm/5.0" × 2.5" × 1.0"
  • Weight: 120 g/4.2 oz. (without batteries)
  • Desktop transcription machine

  • Headphone socket: 3.5 mm
  • Foot pedal socket: 3.5 mm
  • Power supply socket: 12 V DC
  • Frequency: 200–6.000 Hz
  • Output power: >600 mW
  • Product dimensions: 135 mm × 232 mm × 50 mm/5.3" × 9.1" × 2.0"
  • Weight: 1150 g/39 oz
  • Headphones

  • Acoustic system: open
  • Magnet type: neodymium
  • Sound quality: optimized for voice reproduction
  • Impedance: 64 Ohm
  • Maximum power input: 2 × 10 mW
  • Sensitivity: 103 dB
  • Speaker diameter: 14 mm
  • System: dual sound system
  • Cable connection: one-sided
  • Cable length: 3 m/10 ft
  • Connector: 3.5 mm stereo, right angled
  • Connector finish: gold-plated
  • Product dimensions (W × D × H): 226 mm × 130 mm × 25 mm/9” × 5” × 1”
  • Weight: 100 g/3.5 oz
  • Green specifications

  • Compliant to 2002/95/EC (RoHS)
  • Lead-free soldered product
  • Package contents

  • Pocket Memo dictation recorder LFH0388
  • Transcription machine LFH0720
  • 5 × 30 minute mini cassettes LFH0005
  • Foot pedal LFH2210
  • Transcription headphones LFH0234
  • Power supply ACC0155
  • 2 × AA batteries
  • Wrist strap
  • Accessories

  • Philips telephone pickup microphone LFH9162
  • Philips meeting microphone LFH9172
  • Philips clip-on microphone LFH9173
  • Philips rechargeable batteries LFH0153
  • Philips power supply LFH0142

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