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Reducing document turnaround time

from three days to just one hour

The facts

The customer
The Princess Elizabeth, Guernsey, United Kingdom
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Philips partner
The Speech Centre
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The solution
PocketMemo Voice Recorder
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SpeechExec Enterprise Dictation and Transcription Solution
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SpeechExec Transcription Set
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The Princess Elizabeth is the only acute hospital in Guernsey and holds all of the island’s diagnostic facilities, providing a high level of medical treatment and care. The hospital’s experienced team of doctors, nurses, osteopaths and physiotherapists look after over 15,000 patients per year.  

Admin work is an essential part of the staff workload, and their document creation system housed a mix of analogue technology using cassette tapes and digital dictation. The consultants in the operating theatre were dictating their work on tape recorders but there was a delay of three days for the documentation to be produced, as cassette tapes were unreliable. Some departments had moved to digital dictation; however it was clear that the hospital needed an integrated solution to better enable its consultants and the secretarial team to handle back-office document production.   

Centralised view of the work status with the ability to track work tasks to completion

The hospital sought expert help from Philips Certified Partner The Speech Centre to find a modern voice-controlled document creation system that would be simple to use and flexible enough to future-proof their investment. The consultants were given Philips PocketMemo digital voice recorders, with the devices already preconfigured to their dictation requirements. The secretarial team used Philips Transcription Sets with headphones and foot pedals. Philips SpeechExec Enterprise software managed the flow between the dictations and transcriptions. The new solution fully integrated with their clinical system, enabling their staff to easily find patient data and attach the correct record to the patients’ correspondence. 

Turnaround time of documents is at least 80% better. They are able to effectively produce 17000 discharge summaries per year and 20-30000 pieces of typed work per year between five secretaries!

Chantelle Le Feuvre
Senior Medical secretary

The results were outstanding – documentation turnaround improved from three days to just one hour! The Philips solution allowed the hospital consultants to send their work to the SpeechExec software platform, where dictations were automatically routed to the secretarial resource for transcription. All staff had access to a centralised view of their work status, and tasks could be tracked through to completion. This enabled the clinicians to optimise communication with their patients, as their correspondence was faster and more accurate, and gave the secretarial team a clear view of the quantity of work in the queue, so they were able to better resource capacity.

Faster and accurate patient correspondence leading to optimised health care 

Philips voice-controlled system equipped the hospital’s doctors and secretarial staff with a best-in-class team collaboration solution for document creation. Philips SpeechExec Enterprise improved efficiency and allowed for proactive management of team capacity and reallocation of work based on demand. As a result, correspondence to patients was faster and more accurate, helping the hospital optimise patient care. 

An additional benefit to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital was cost savings on software. SpeechExec Enterprise’s concurrent licensing model gives a pool of licenses to be shared across a group of potential users, with the licensing mechanism ensuring that at no point in time the maximum concurrent number of licenses is exceeded. Thanks to The Speech Centre’s strong understanding of the hospital’s needs and Philips innovative technology, The Princess Elizabeth Hospital is now benefiting from a best-in-class, user-friendly and efficient document creation system. 

The solution

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Matthias Kucera, Lawyer, Hard, Austria

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“I think it's actually a positive gain in effectiveness. For instance, it used to take me an hour and a half to type a 4-page formal notice, but now it's done in 5 minutes.“

Tanguy Cara, Lawyer, Cannes, France

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“I’m not too bad a typer but in terms of speed, it actually is so much better using my voice.“

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