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how Philips protects medical staff through hygienic working

From radiation to infectious diseases, medical employees have always been exposed to higher health risks than your regular office worker. With many factors out of the individuals’ control, hospitals emphasize the importance of preventing infections through hygiene measures for hands and surfaces.

Hygienic working is now more important than ever

The effective sterilization of possibly contaminated tools and surfaces is at least equally as important as regular washing and sanitization of employees’ hands. The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies the use of “surfaces that can be easily decontaminated” as an important factor when determining the level of healthcare safety.

Protection by Philips

Philips SpeechMike dictation microphones come with a special hygienic housing, ideally suitable for the medical environment. The surface physically hinders the colonization of germs and thus improves the efficiency of the usual measures for disinfecting the device. 

How Philips SpeechMike dictation microphones help protect medical staff every day

No breeding ground for germs

The plastic housing of the Philips SpeechMike has been tested according to the high-quality standards of ISO 846:2019 (effect of microorganisms on plastics). The test results showed that the plastic material of the SpeechMike Premium does not provide a breeding ground for germs and fungi. No growth was possible in 99.9995% of the germs due to the nature of the plastic. In other words, bacteria and fungi cannot feed on the plastic material itself and will therefore not breed.

Anti-static properties of housing 

In addition, the anti-static agents added to the housing of the SpeechMike’s dictation microphone parts also protect the device like a shield against the transmission of germs and fungi from the air. Studies have proven anti-static treatment of materials to be effective in reducing airborne contamination.

Easy disinfection

The entire Philips SpeechMike can be cleaned and disinfected with conventional cleaning agents which will not alter its unique properties. We recommend dedicated cleaning cloths for the medical field, such as the Bacillol 30 wipes for example.

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