Mini cassette

Record longer

with Philips mini cassettes

The high-quality Philips mini cassette is the only cassette specially developed for dictation purposes. It’s unique design guarantees long-lasting performance in professional dictation environments.

The direct drive solution, guarantees an ideal friction specification of the tape, avoiding tape tangle, or tape breakage.

Protective clip with dual functionality. It protects the sensitive magnetic tape and makes sorting easy.

The transparent window of the cassette housing gives quick indictation of remaining recording time.

The Philips mini cassette allows you to record for 30 minutes.

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Recording time

Recording time:
30 minutes

Package contents

10 mini cassettes


All analog Philips PocketMemo recorders and Philips desktop dictation and transcription systems

Green specifications

Compliant to 2011/65/EU (RoHS)

Lead-free soldered product


Product dimensions:
120 mm × 62 mm × 37 mm/ 4.7" × 2.4" × 1.5"

17 g/0.6 oz.

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