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Philips SpeechOne in use in Denmark  

The facts

The customer
Regional Hospital Randers, Aalborg University Hospital, Denkmark
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Philips partner
Max Manus Denmark
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The solution
SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
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Radiologists spend many hours every day creating reports and documenting results. Two radiologists in Denmark describe how they benefit from the dictation and speech recognition headset Philips SpeechOne. 

Henrik E. Gregersen is a consultant in the radiological department at the Aalborg University Hospital in Region Nordjylland, Denmark. Especially the hands-free working is practical and saves him time. 

”I use the shortcut keys on my keyboard a lot. So the biggest benefit of the SpeechOne headset for me is, that it keeps my left hand free, so I can better use both hands on the keyboard. The same goes for when I need to measure something, I can operate this as I speak.” Physical well-being during work is improved. ”The headset has positively affected my posture, I have regained a new focus and improved my posture. Before, I sat more inclined to the screen because one hand held the microphone. Now I can sit more comfortably and naturally.”

An exceptionally good microphone

Jacob Nielsen is the responsible radiologist at the Regional Hospital Randers in Region Midtjylland, Denmark. He only has words of praise for the SpeechOne headset. “It has an exceptionally good microphone that can be placed very close to the mouth compared to other headsets I have tried so far”, says Nielsen. Henrik E Gregersen agrees: ” I share my office with a colleague and when I used a handheld microphone, it often captured my colleague's speech. This resulted in a lot of extra correction work. Because the microphone sits very close to your mouth, the sensitivity to distant noises is lower and the background noises are largely filtered out.”

Nice to wear

Radiologists are heavy users of recording devices and use them many hours every day. Wearing comfort is especially important for them. “It's lightweight. It’s easy to adjust to your personal fit and to find a suitable setting. The wearing options are good, so you don’t pull out your hair or get other irritations”, says Jacob Nielsen. Users who already have physical problems, benefit a lot according to Henrik E Gregersen: ”My colleague also uses the headset. She had hand and arm overload, which are now gone as she does not have to use her thumb anymore.”

Changing habits

Dictating with a headset, which was designed especially for this purpose, is a novelty. This means that sometimes old habits need to be changed. “I admit, I've had to learn how to use some of the new features of the foot control, and with age it's just a little harder to change habits. I also had to get used to the record button being held down while I speak for example”, says Henrik E. Gregersen. Once you become familiar with the device, the benefits of the SpeechOne, such as wireless working, make it perfect for radiologists.

The solution

More satisfied customers

“Thanks to the superb sound quality of the SpeechMikes and the outstanding ease of use of our new system, we now have a future-proof solution that benefits our surgery and patients.“

Donna Aydon, Practice Manager

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“What really appealed to me about the SpeechLive solution is that we wouldn’t have to install a program – all anyone needs is a web browser.“

Cathey Turner, Firm Administrator

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“Solutions like SpeechLive are the wave of the future. We got up and running with minimal training and we can make changes and adjustments as needed very easily.“

Julie A. Gorney Manager, Information Technologies

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“Wherever I travel, and I am waiting for a flight, I find a quiet place to do my dictations on my smartphone app, and I upload the recordings for my typists to access those files straightaway.“

Dr. Nandor Jaross, Principal ophthalmologist, Melbourne, Australia

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