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Dr. Huberman's cardiology surgery's work processes

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Dr. Huberman's Cardiovascular Exploration Centre, Houilles, France

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SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless Dictation Microphone
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Offering both comfort of use and quality recordings, the SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless Dictation Microphone by Philips reduces the daily administrative burden of practitioners and medical secretaries by an hour and a half.

It is in his private practice in the heart of the Parisian suburbs, that Dr. Huberman works as a cardiologist, a medical specialization devoted to the care of cardiovascular diseases. Highly inspired by his particular therapeutic field, but also by new technologies, he is eager to increase awareness among his fellow practitioners of the fantastic potential of voice recording to reduce the number of letters and reports involving time-consuming administrative tasks that are commonplace in medical settings. "I have been using this innovative transcription method for 15 years now, and I strive to persuade my fellow cardiologists of its extraordinary advantages in terms of comfort, productivity and money saving," Dr. Huberman confirms. The surgery's four cardiologists were very quickly convinced of the capacity and ease of use of voice recognition technology, which also optimizes teamwork and internal communication.

Excessive administration is a burden to the practice's smooth operation 

"In a specialization like cardiology, we systematically need to draft two to five documents per patient – consultation reports, accompanying letters or requests for further medical examination. Even if you use well-structured model letters, they nevertheless need to be personalized for each patient, specifically in the introduction and the conclusion, and that takes time," the specialist goes on to explain. 

And secretarial costs are consequently increased. "Standard digital dictation solutions that directly transmit data to our secretaries' work stations are, of course, helpful, but their comfort is reduced by their repetitive and time-consuming use. As a result, they have trouble presenting documents to the patient in time at the end of the consultation." 

Already totally satisfied with its wired version, which he still uses when travelling, the cardiologist has also invested in the new Philips SpeechMike Premium Air Dictation Microphone, supported by his expert reseller, Mysoft. Installed at the practice's six workstations and cardiologists' personal computers, the Philips microphone offers the perfect interface between the medical record management software package Cardio Premier and Dragon, the reference in speech recognition.

Quality sound and no parasite noise

The Philips Wireless Microphone offers functionalities that have drastically improved the practitioner's comfort and working environment. "Dictating reports at our desk, or as we walk our way through the ultrasound or the Holter room, without being connected by a wire to our computer brings incomparable comfort to our working day," the cardiologist confirms. 

But what impressed the practitioner the most was the volume and quality of speech recognition. "Sound was one of the limits of earlier microphones: when dictating our reports, we needed to ask the patient to go to the waiting room to avoid being interrupted. The Philips SpeechMike Microphone offers unrivalled sound quality and absorbs no background noise. In addition, it automatically stops recording as soon as the microphone is put down or the wireless mouse moved to a different point in the document, to offer an amazing and ultra high performance product!", the doctor is delighted to add.

Support from Mysoft also met with full satisfaction

Its highly efficient technical team successfully dealt with the surgery's concerns in record time via a remote administration system. "Moving from a wired to a wireless version required no technical intervention; we simply needed to connect the system and it worked, in a genuine plug&play manner".

Today, Dr. Huberman can dictate his consultation reports in real time, directly into his dictation software, before handing them over to his patients. The practitioner can even dictate documents at a distance on his personal computer, then send them to the surgery's application to be printed, hence reducing his secretaries' administrative burden and enabling them to concentrate on welcoming patients, either physically or by phone. 

The cardiologists that share Dr. Huberman's practice can now gain an hour and a half every day on their report and document drafting tasks: that equates to 40 hours a month which they can reallocate to benefit patient comfort and follow-up in truly optimal working conditions. "Even if speech recognition is an excellent tool, it can't work without an innovative microphone and that's where products of Philips offer us incredibly increased quality".

We were impressed by the sound quality offered by the Philips SpeechMike Wireless Microphone, which absorbs no parasite noise. This new wireless microphone is exceptionally well made. Similar to the secretarial tasks, dictation in medical settings, cardiology in particular, has been intensively developing to become an integral part of our work tools and our daily environment.

Dr. Huberman

The solution

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“We have all the doctors on board and they are using either the Philips SpeechMike or their mobile phone. All comments have been positive from both doctors and secretaries alike being that it has increased our productivity by a noticeable amount of time.“

Dawn Rounce, Medical Secretary Team Leader

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“It is okay to drop the wires.“

Christoffer Nyborg, Doctor at the Vascular Department, University Hospital Oslo, Norway

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“Very impressive product! 812 dictations completed to date with no technical issues.“

Rick Thorpe, GTS and medical malpractice adjuster at Crawford & Company

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