Which sending or sharing options do I have?

You can choose between the following options:

  • SpeechLive (i.e. SpeechLive account)
  • Speech recognition (i.e. SpeechLive Speech Recognition Service)
  • Transcription service (i.e. SpeechLive Transcription Service)
  • Any suitable application on your mobile device (This option is only available if SpeechLive is disabled in your app!)


  • To be able to send recordings to SpeechLive and the SpeechLive services, you need to have a valid SpeechLive account. You also need to log in to your account from within the app in Settings > Sending options > SpeechLive. If you are not using SpeechLive yet, create a new user account in Settings > Sending options > SpeechLive or at <link http: www.speechlive.com speechlive>www.speechlive.com.