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A more efficient way of working with

Philips speech-to-text technology

The facts

The customer
Parkway Medical Group, Newcastle upon Tyne , United Kingdom
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Philips partner
SpeechWrite Digital
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The solution
SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless Dictation Microphone
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SpeechExec Enterprise Dictation and Transcription Solution
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A busy General Practice with 8200 patients, Parkway Medical Group has a long history of providing high quality primary healthcare in the West End area of Newcastle upon Tyne. The Practice has a team of 21 staff responsible for the aid of minor illnesses and specialist management of long-term conditions.


An upgrade to their IT infrastructure also brought an opportunity to update their voice-controlled document creation system, and Parkway sought the expertise of Philips Certified Partner SpeechWrite Digital for assistance. The General Practice wanted a modern dictation and transcription solution that would be simple to use and flexible enough to future-proof their investment. 

Better distribution of work with a central view of tasks in the queue 

SpeechWrite proposed Philips SpeechMikes for the consultants to dictate work tasks, with SpeechExec Enterprise software managing the flow between the clinicians’ dictations and the transcriptions, executed by Parkway’s support team of secretaries. The new solution was fully integrated with their clinical system, enabling their staff to easily find patient data and attach the correct record to the patients’ correspondence.

The new voice-controlled document creation delivered a more efficient way of working, with clinicians sending their work to the SpeechExec software platform, where dictations were automatically routed to the right admin resource for transcription. All staff had access to a centralised view of their work status, and tasks could be tracked through to completion. The Philips solution enabled clinicians to optimise communication with their patients, as their correspondence was faster and more accurate, and gave the secretarial team a clear view of the quantity of work in the queue, so they were able to better resource capacity.

Thanks to the superb sound quality of the SpeechMikes and the outstanding ease of use of our new system, we now have a future-proof solution that benefits our surgery and patients.

Donna Aydon
Practice Manager, Parkway Medical Group Newcastle

Delivering software and hardware updates across all users is now fast and simple

An important advantage of the Philips document creation solution was savings on software. SpeechExec’s concurrent licensing model gives a pool of licenses to be shared across a group of users, with the licensing mechanism ensuring that at no point in time the maximum concurrent number of licenses is exceeded. Furthermore, SpeechExec lets central configuration and management of the dictation and transcription flow, as well as firmware updates for the SpeechMikes. Now making changes in user settings and implementing hardware improvement across all users is a fast and easy process. 

Parkway’s clinicians found the SpeechMikes comfortable to use over long periods of time and were pleased to be able to control their admin work from a single device. The secretaries received a steady flow of dictations, eliminating extreme peaks of work. Philips SpeechExec Enterprise improved efficiency and allowed for proactive management of team capacity and reallocation of work based on demand. As a result, correspondence to patients was faster and more accurate, helping Parkway deliver the highest possible primary healthcare to their community.

The solution

More satisfied customers

“With SpeechExec Enterprise, the way we work in and outside the firm has massively improved. Using speech recognition, we no longer have an overflowing pile of dictations, our team members‘ work speed has significantly increased, and we are also on the safe side when it comes to data privacy.“

Andreas Nörr, IT and data privacy expert, Möller Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB, Rosenheim

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“I think it's actually a positive gain in effectiveness. For instance, it used to take me an hour and a half to type a 4-page formal notice, but now it's done in 5 minutes.“

Tanguy Cara, Lawyer, Cannes, France

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“Lockdown prompted the change, but the versatility offered by SpeechLive is something we didn’t know we were missing.“

Adrian Barker, IT Manager, Ison Harrison Solicitors, UK

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“The main objective for our firm has always been to simplify the way solicitors produce documentation or instructions and remove any administrative overhead.“

Michelle Zenere, General Manager at Mullane & Lindsay Solicitors

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