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We at Philips offer a wide portfolio of dictation and transcription solutions aimed at increasing your efficiency and maximizing your performance by automizing the document creation processes and turning speech into text as quickly as easily as possible.

Require a consultation, health check or support related to one of your Philips dictation and transcription solution? Our team helps you during all phases of your journey: initial consultation, set-up, installation, and on-going support.

Require an initial consultation?

Interested in our solutions but unsure which one is the perfect fit for you? We offer a full portfolio of speech to text solutions.

Our experts will help advise you which one of our solutions would be ideal for you and create a tailor-made setup plan for your business, so you can get to work and start working more efficiently right away.

Need a quick solution health check?

Are you already working with a dictation and transcription solution but not quite happy with the way things are going? Is your business changing and you know you need to change your setup but not sure how to implement this using your in-house IT staff? Would you like to try out speech recognition for the first time but not sure how to implement it into your existing SpeechExec workflow? Or do you need to be more mobile now and would like to integrate a SpeechLive account within your SpeechExec solution and make the two systems work seamlessly together?

Our experts will analyze your current situation and will advise you on how you can tweak your existing set up to simplify your processes and make your life easier.

Need additional support for your existing solution?

Our support packages help resolve existing issues quickly and with predictable costs. Our support packages will give you the peace of mind, that if an unexpected problem should arise in the future, you know who to turn to and your issue will be taken care of immediately, without having to worry about any billing issues.

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