Foot control

Transcription made easy

with a Philips foot pedal

The ergonomic design of the new Philips foot pedal range sets new standards in terms of usability in the professional dictation arena. The development is based on detailed research into the movements made during transcription. Transcriptionists can stop and start playback with only a slight movement of the heel, and without lifting the foot unnecessarily, which both increases efficiency and makes the device a pleasure to work with.

The foot pedal was developed in cooperation with hospital ergonomists and professional end users to ensure a perfectly smooth transcription process with minimal physical strain.

Equipped with anti-slip bottom elements, the foot pedal always stays in the right place.

Transcriptionists can stop and start dictations with only slight movements of the heel, and without lifting the foot unnecessarily, which both increases efficiency and makes the device a pleasure to work with.

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Package contents

Foot pedal

User manual

Green specifications

Compliant to 2002/95/EC (RoHS)

Lead-free soldered product


Product dimensions:
195 mm × 130 mm × 35 mm/7.7" × 5.1" × 1.4"

660 g/23.3 oz


Philips transcription headphones LFH0234

Philips transcription headphones LFH0334

Philips SpeechExec workflow software

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