Free docking station

Get a free docking station when purchasing a Philips PocketMemo voice recorder

Get your free docking station here How it works

Speed up your workflow

with easy file download and fast charging

  • Long battery life and fast charging for high productivity
  • Automatic download of dictation files from your recorder into SpeechExec workflow for efficient data management
  • Connect with a Philips foot control for hands-free dictation and transcription

Easy transfer

Easily sync your Philips PocketMemo dictation recorder with the docking station. Just dock the recorder into the docking station and download your dictation files to the computer or laptop in seconds.

Fast charging

Charging your Philips PocketMemo dictation recorder with the docking station is fast and easy. Thanks to the included power adapter, you will be able to charge your recorder even when the computer is shut down.

Travel power supply

The power adapter includes a set of four interchangeable wall plugs that fit different electrical outlets around the world. Simply attach the correct wall plug for the power outlet and start charging – an ideal accessory for world travelers.

How it works

Follow these steps to get your free docking station

1. Purchase a Philips PocketMemo voice recorder (DPM6000 or DPM7200) or a PocketMemo dictation and transcription set (DPM6700 or DPM7700) between 1 January and 31 December 2019 (inclusive).

2. Within 14 days of your purchase go to (this page) complete the online form and upload proof of purchase (image of invoice). The first day of purchase as detailed on your invoice or receipt counts as day 1.

3. You will receive an email acknowledging the submission of your claim. After verification of the claim, we will arrange the delivery of the docking station within 28 days.

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