Philips SmartMike

AI Conversation Microphone

Capture who said what with smart channel recording

The SmartMike uses patented artificial intelligence to identify and separate speakers already during the recording. This enables a clear and accurate transcript for each person, even when they were talking simultaneously. Apart from recording meetings between colleagues, it is also ideal for any consultant and client situation, such as a legal consultation or an insurance contract closing meeting.

Crafted for clear transcription and speech recognition

The Philips SmartMike can easily be integrated into existing document creation software or even enterprise-level solutions, including speech recognition software.

Philips SmartMike AI Conversation Microphone

Artificial intelligence for crystal clear voice recordings

+ Studio-quality microphone for clear voice recording

+ Smart AI microphone for speaker separation and clear audio recording

+ Unique AI microphone algorithm allows for natural conversations, no need to dictate

+ Hygienic surface for safe use and easy disinfection

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