V5.xx is valid for PSM6000


V5.19 technical release 2018-12-04

Initial version


V5.23 technical release 2019-03-14


-    Headset remembers two pairing partners for ease of use

-    Implementation of a current limiter for the footswitch plug-in

-    Changed the way how a connected remote control is initialized after connecting a docking station with a USB port, to avoid problems with certain PCs

-    Fixed a problem caused by a lost connection to the headset when establishing a USB connection to the PC host

-    Fixed a problem caused by a received telephony command, when there was no connection to the headset, but still an open USB connection to the PC host

- Fixed a problem caused by a long press of the wheel button (to turn on the headset) in combination with a running PDCC or other Speech One aware SW


V5.24 technical release 2019-03-29


-    Using a foreign charging pad for charging will de-pair a connected headset, but now the buttons (e.g. the pairing button) will stay functional, unlike before.

-    The voice prompt language was not properly reset to English when a ‘Reset to default settings’ was done. Fixed now.

-    Changed the battery charge indication to a better fit for aged batteries.

-    Changed the LED indication when pressing the pairing button (blinking yellow LED, as described in the quick start guide).


V5.26 technical release 2019-05-27


-    Introduction of the new ‘charging only’–mode: When the headset is connected to an Airbridge (FW1.10 and higher) and placed on a powered docking station, it will shortly interrupt its connection to the Airbridge, but automatically reconnect to the Airbridge when the docking station is not (also) powered by the USB plug-in.


V5.28 technical release 2020-04-14


-    -12dB reduction of the microphone sensitivity to decrease recorded background noise with tele-conference application (e.g. Microsoft Teams or Skype4Business), which are using AGCs.

-    Changing the button mode and/or recording mode can now be done under all operating conditions, as long as the headset is connected to the docking station (connection LED on the headset either constant green or yellow). To switch the modes properly, the DnD-button has to be pressed first, and then the telephone- or record-button within half a second, for three seconds total.