V5.xx is valid for PSM6000


V5.19 technical release 2018-12-04

Initial version


V5.23 technical release 2019-03-14


-    Headset remembers two pairing partners for ease of use

-    Implementation of a current limiter for the footswitch plug-in

-    Changed the way how a connected remote control is initialized after connecting a docking station with a USB port, to avoid problems with certain PCs

-    Fixed a problem caused by a lost connection to the headset when establishing a USB connection to the PC host

-    Fixed a problem caused by a received telephony command, when there was no connection to the headset, but still an open USB connection to the PC host

- Fixed a problem caused by a long press of the wheel button (to turn on the headset) in combination with a running PDCC or other Speech One aware SW


V5.24 technical release 2019-03-29


-    Using a foreign charging pad for charging will de-pair a connected headset, but now the buttons (e.g. the pairing button) will stay functional, unlike before.

-    The voice prompt language was not properly reset to English when a ‘Reset to default settings’ was done. Fixed now.

-    Changed the battery charge indication to a better fit for aged batteries.

-    Changed the LED indication when pressing the pairing button (blinking yellow LED, as described in the quick start guide).


V5.26 technical release 2019-05-27


-    Introduction of the new ‘charging only’–mode: When the headset is connected to an Airbridge (FW1.10 and higher) and placed on a powered docking station, it will shortly interrupt its connection to the Airbridge, but automatically reconnect to the Airbridge when the docking station is not (also) powered by the USB plug-in.