V4.xx is valid for SMP4000, SMP4010


V4.30 technical release 2017-10-30

Initial version


V4.32 technical release 2017-12-22


-    Mobile device is now also charged when battery voltage is very low

-    Pairing with a new mobile device is now reliable even after a quick exchange (< 4sec) with the old mobile device

-    The problem with occasional recording of distorted noise has been fixed

-    Modification of data handling in the USB part to avoid problems where the SMPA was not recognized as an audio device

-    Changes to the default settings of the Gamepad/Browser mode

V4.33 technical release 2018-01-30


-    Fixed a problem which could cause the first recording containing only loud noise after powering up the docking station

-    Fixed the case of a permanently buzzing mobile device when ending a recording during a bad connection

-    Updating the device settings with PDCC could cause a permanently muted microphone, when a microphone event was assigned to a button in browser mode, even
when the browser mode was not active. This behaviour has been fixed in this version.

-    Fixed a playback distortion problem, when playback was continuously running for more than 30 minutes

-    SMPA was not recognized on a Macbook after returning out of sleep mode. Fixed in this version


V4.50 technical release 2018-09-07

Introduction of additional custom keyboard modes:

Custom 1 mode: Windows speech recognition (for Windows OS only)

Custom 2 mode: Dragon Dictate speech recognition (for Mac OS only)

Custom 3 mode: Dragon speech recognition (for Windows OS only)

Introduced a ‘trickle-charging’ mode to handle charging of deeply discharged batteries.

Replaced the flashing red connection LED with a permanently lit orange connection LED in accordance with customer requests.

Removed low voltage warning buzzer sound to avoid confusion with ‘no connection’ warning.

The ‘wake-up’ beep can be disabled by the ‘Enable acoustical warning’ settings.

Fixed a problem, where the mobile device will not wake up when in a low-power mode.


V4.62 technical release 2019-03-29


-    Headset can be paired with AirBridge and remembers up two pairing partners for ease of use

-    Implementation of a current limiter for the footswitch plug-in

-    Fixed a problem caused by a lost connection to the mobile device when establishing a USB connection to the PC host


V4.63 technical release 2019-04-05


-    Haptic feedback (‘buzzer’), indicating a low-quality connection, is supressed.



V4.65 technical release 2019-05-28


-    Introduction of the new ‘charging only’–mode: When the handset is connected to an Airbridge (FW1.10 and higher) and placed into a powered docking station, it will shortly interrupt its connection to the Airbridge, but automatically reconnect to the Airbridge when the docking station is not (also) powered by the USB plug-in.

- Fixed a problem (JIRA SO-91), where the mouse cursor was dragged to the upper left corner of the screen after the mobile device woke up from idle mode.