V3.xx is valid for LFH3700, (LFH3710, LFH3720,) LFH3800, LFH3810

V3.65 and higher is valid for next generation LFH3200, (LFH3210, LFH3220), LFH3500, (LFH3510, LFH3520), LFH3700, (LFH3710, LFH3720,) LFH3800, LFH3810


V3.67 technical release 2020-07-15

The current microphone recording level is properly reported to the USB host now. This is essential for the latest Windows 10 version.

FW-update is also possible with an active playback channel.


V3.66 technical release 2019-11-08

Bugfix in ‘Browser’ mode for SMPT devices (LFH3700, LFH3710, LFH3720, LFH3800, LFH3810). Button changes made by costumer are properly saved now.


V3.65 technical release 2019-08-13

Additional support of new SMP ‘cost-down’ (LFH3500, LFH3510, LFH3520).

Fixed a problem, where enabling the ‘No read’ message in the barcode scanner engine could result in a non-functional scanner (LFH3800, LFH3810).

Implemented a new HID-Command for switching between SM2 <-> SM3/SMP mode.


V3.61 technical release 2019-04-25

Fixed a problem when the ‘reset to default’ command was called by a program running on the USB host.

Improved robustness of FW-upgrade function when FW upgrade is restarted during a running FW upgrade.

Support of new SM3 ‘cost-down’ (LFH3200, LFH3210, LFH3220).


V3.52 technical release 2018-09-06

Fixed a problem, where switching the device into MAC modus for old OS versions did not change the USB-ID. Fixed audio problems on MAC devices introduced in 3.50.


V3.50 technical release 2018-08-29

Introduction of additional custom keyboard modes:

Custom 1 mode: Windows speech recognition (for Windows OS only)

Custom 2 mode: Dragon Dictate speech recognition (for Mac OS only)

Custom 3 mode: Dragon speech recognition (for Windows OS only)

Introduction of a new browser mode, which will cause an USB disconnect/connect event when selected, due to a different USB-id.

Implementation of a Speechmike 2 compatibility mode, which will cause an USB disconnect/connect event when selected, due to a different USB-id.


V3.21 technical release 2018-03-16

Changed the method of retrieving data from barcode scanner to avoid interference with scanner beep tone, which could lead to loss of characters in the scanned string in previous versions.


V3.19 technical release 2018-02-01

Modified USB data handling to avoid a non-responsive device after pressing a button, which could happen in some rare cases.

Fixed a problem, where the first recording, after plugging in the device, contained only loud noise.

Modified the scanner beep tone on LFH3800 and LFH3810 devices.


V3.17 technical release 2017-03-06

Left and right mouse button are working now in keyboard mode.


V3.16 technical release 2016-09-16

Changed buffering method in audio streaming to avoid problems with sound distortion on certain Apple MACs.


V3.15 technical release 2016-04-21

Initial version