Release notes- SpeechMike Air

Firmware 1.21 (4/2014) - for Speech Mike Air LFH3000, LFH3010, LFH3020

- Firmware v1.21 technical release 2014-03-24
- Previous v1.19 technical release 2012-06-01
Information in this file is "last minute" and may overrule information in the SpeechMike Air user documentation.


1.    Enhancements

2.    Problems solved


When upgrading your SpeechMike Air to firmware version 1.21 please make sure that both - the SpeechMike Air AND the AirBridge are paired.
The firmware upgrade process will upgrade the firmware in both devices.

To run a firmware upgrade please do following:

- Connect the AirPort cradle to the PC and a power supply
- Put both the SpeechMike Air and the AirBridge into the AirPort cradle.
- Make sure that both devices are connected and paired (the blue connection LED on both devices has to be lit constantly)
- Use the SpeechControl software to upgrade the firmware and wait until the firmware upgrade process is finished.

ATTENTION: After the firmware upgrade a SpeechMike Air and an AirBridge cannot be paired if they do not contain the same firmware version.

1. Enhancements

The following enhancements have been implemented in Firmware 1.21:

·         Improved playback quality
Loud recordings are now played back without distortions, which dramatically improves the playback quality.

·         Audible low battery warning
Sometimes the audible low battery warning was not recognized by the user.
From this version onwards the low battery feedback to the user is following:
· The battery status indicator becomes red if the battery capacity is less than 10%.
· The battery status indicator flashes red 30 seconds before the SpeechMike Air shuts down due to an empty battery.
· Immediately before a low battery shut down the SpeechMike Air will send out an audible beep.

·         Improved pairing
The overall pairing process has been increased.
With previous versions it could happen that the pairing between SpeechMike Air and AirBridge was not successful, even if the paring process was done according to the user manual.
The improved pairing process guarantees that the pairing between SpeechMike Air and AirBridge works reliably and smoothly.

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2. Solved Problems

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