Release Announcement

Philips Digital Pocket Memo voice recorder firmware 2.03




Wolfgang Spannlang

Senior Product Owner

Hardware Solutions

November 2019



§   The firmware 2.03 is the 4th feature enhancement package for the Pocket Memo voice recorder range.

§   The Firmware will be handled as running change on products to be produced.

§   The FW is valid for following Pocket Memo models: DPM 6000 / 7000 / 7200 / 8000 / 8100 / 8200 / 8300 / 8500 / 8900


Changes & Enhancements



§   This feature enhancement firmware supports ‘dot’ characters (.) in the keywords.

§   This is required e.g. if Active Directory user names are used in the ‘Author’ property field (e.g. john.smith).

§   This adaptation has been done in advance to support the corresponding feature enhancement in the Philips Remote Device Manager (PRDM) version 4.3, in SpeechExec Enterprise Version 7.0, as well as in SpeechExec Version 11.5.








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