For Digital Pocket Memo LFH9375

Firmware v2.09 technical release 2012-11-09

Previous v2.08 technical release 2011-07-08





Bluescreen with 4GB SD-Card

bluescreen can occur if a DPM is connected to a MS WinXP machine under these preconditions:

  Operating System is MS WinXP

  A 4GB card (or larger) is inserted in the DPM

  The first 4 characters of the author (which is used as filename) contain lower case 
and special characters (eg. space, , , , )


If you are experiencing this problem please download your files using MS Win7 and upgrade to this firmware afterwards.

This error will not happen again for new jobs after upgrading to this version.


If you are experiencing this problem, but dont have access to a MS Win7 machine, you can select another author from the Keyword menu. Make sure the new author name does not contain the above mentioned special characters.


If you are experiencing this problem but the jobs residing on your SD-card are of no importance, you can format the SD-card using the device menu and proceed with the firmware upgrade as usual (the operating system is not relevant in this case).





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