Philips SpeechAir with free mobile subscription for $699*

Send dictations anytime, anywhere

Philips SpeechAir is the ultimate companion you need to bring more flexibility into work. You can send your dictation anytime and from anywhere to bring the most out of your valuable time. No more back log of dictations because you forgot to dock your voice recorder or you are not in the office and haven´t got access to your network. The Wi-Fi enabled device comes with all traditional features for dictation like slide switch, outstanding microphones, long lasting battery and lets you choose several sending option to integrate seamlessly into your preferred workflow.

For a limited time grab your Philips SpeechAir at a special price of $699, along with free mobile dictation subscription for 1 year. For your free mobile subscription to send your dictations for transcription, you can choose between Philips SpeechLive or Philips Dictation Hub.

*Terms and Conditions

  • The special price of $699 will only be available until June 2019 until further notice
  • For free mobile subscription promotion, user can choose either SpeechLive or Dictation Hub
  • The free mobile subscription is only available for Philips SpeechAir
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