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7 reasons why SpeechLive is a reliable voice technology platform

Flexibility, cloud, agility - all these things make up the modern work life. However, reliability and security are the foundations of digital tools. Without them, companies violate regulations (such as GDPR for example) and damage their reputation at customers.

Philips SpeechLive is a web-based solution that converts speech to text in no time and helps you to increase efficiency at work.

With these 7 strategies we maximize reliability and security. This means you can work with Philip SpeechLive 24/7, always have access to your data and it will not get lost:

1: Unique server set-up

Dictations and documents are stored redundantly on 2 serves within the European Union. Why is that important? Even if there is a large-scale failure (e.g. a blackout) in one country, the data is automatically backed up on a 2nd server and the system takes over seamlessly.

2: Certifications

The data is stored on Microsoft Azure servers. That is why Philips SpeechLive has the same certifications that ensure that national, regional or industry specific privacy requirements are met. These include numerous ISO certifications, GDPR, CIS Benchmark, CSA STAR and many more. You can find an overview here. In addition to these certifications, audits are also carried out on a regular basis.

3: Separation of user data and files

While the dictation files are stored on the redundant servers, user data (login details, billing addresses, credit card information) is securely stored in a high-security server center in the Styrian Mürztal in Austria, separated from Microsoft’s servers. In the highly unlikely event that any problems at Microsoft’s Azure server centers occur, personal data is thus protected even further.

4: Alternative login page

In SpeechLive itself, we have taken precautions to ensure that you can work reliably 24/7. For example, there is an alternative login page. In the event of our regular login page not being available anymore for any reason, you can still access and manage all your data conveniently from that separately hosted login page.

5: Back up functions

There are both automatic and regular backups options of all your recordings and documents. Data loss is therefore almost impossible. You may even download a full backup and keep it stored at your own place.

6: Storage

Recordings and documents can be archived automatically but can also be restored at any time in case of an emergency. This means that nothing gets lost unintentionally, while providing a great experience for users and administrators.

7: World-wide support

We work with hundreds of certified implementation partners around the world, providing local support in case of a problem and around the clock. All these partners are trained specifically and regularly to maintain the highest possible level of service for our advanced solution.

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