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Mark Robinson SC, Sydney, Australia
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SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
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Mark Robinson SC is a practising Senior Counsel based in Sydney focusing primarily on administrative and general law. He was a founding Judicial Member of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal of New South Wales in the General Division, hearing matters on privacy and freedom of information.

Robinson SC published six legal text books and services concerning administrative law, which he has taught at the University of Sydney. He is now housed at the renowned Maurice Byers Chambers in Sydney, where he provides legal advice and appears  in courts and tribunals  for  his clients on a wide range of matters including commercial, corporate and criminal law.

Speech recognition for saving time

Robinson SC has relied on using speech recognition to save him time and boost his efficiency since the beginning of his career in the early 1990s. About ten years ago he started using the Philips SpeechMike Dictation Microphone. “I use it to create court documents such as a summons and to draw legal advices, memorandums of advice for my instructing solicitors and for emails generally,” explains Robinson SC. Although he was impressed by the sound quality of the device, he missed having his hands free to navigate his mouse and perform other tasks during recording such as handling documents.

Stationary dictation made mobile

Robinson SC was looking for a reliable dictation microphone which he could use his existing speech recognition solution with. The Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset offered the perfect mix of both worlds for him. The headset contains the same high-quality dictation microphone as the SpeechMike Premium, but gives him the freedom to get up from his chair and pace back and forth in his office while recording. It’s lightweight wireless design and long-lasting battery allows him to work comfortably without interruptions for many hours. Robinson SC particularly likes the neckband option, to keep the top of his head free.

The senior counsel explains that the transition to the new device was easy. The new headset was effortless to install, his computer recognised the device immediately, and he could get to work in no time. He was particularly impressed by the speech recognition accuracy he now achieves thanks to the device. This is the primary reason he uses professional dictation recording devices as opposed to the cheaper alternatives. “It was outstanding, instantly outstanding. It was accurate straight away, far more accurate than my previous microphone from another brand. In fact, it was far more accurate than anything I have used before,” adds Robinson SC.

I’ve used speech recognition for over 25 years, and finally I achieved a 100% accuracy rate thanks to the Philips SpeechOne!

Mark Robinson SC
Maurice Byers Chambers

Robinson SC explains he would definitely recommend the Philips SpeechOne to his colleagues. “Although it is in the upper price range, but you get much higher speech recognition results in return which is definitely worth it as it saves you the hassle of having to correct unnecessary mistakes. Ultimately it saves you a lot of time,” says Robinson SC.

Mark Robinson SC is now looking forward to the launch of the new Philips AirBridge Wireless Adapter so he can use his dictation headset on the go as well. The USB dongle will give him the same lossless audio transmission benefits of the SpeechOne Docking Station, all packed into a compact device which looks like a small USB stick. With the AirBridge Wireless Adapter, legal professionals can be fully mobile and can benefit the excellent audio recordings with accurate speech recognition results anywhere, whether they are in the train or waiting at the airport.

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset and accessories PSM6000

The solution

More satisfied customers

“In the case of an urgent dictation, I send it with a red indicator and I can monitor it by simply consulting the software, to find out when it has been dealt with and by which secretary.“

Anne-Sophie Vérité, Laywer

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“Lockdown prompted the change, but the versatility offered by SpeechLive is something we didn’t know we were missing.“

Adrian Barker, IT Manager, Ison Harrison Solicitors, UK

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“The process is efficient; letters are dictated immediately after the patient leaves enabling a steady administrative flow to the secretaries and overall smoother and faster document processing.“

Dean Putland, Head of IT and BI

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“It’s pleasant to be able to safely say that you can gain in productivity when you lose lots of time on administration. With SpeechLive, we gain medical time. It was our initial aim, and we have largely achieved it!“

Dr. Romain Guldmann, ENT and head and neck surgeon

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