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The facts

The customer
Noel Whittaker, Australia
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Voice Recognition
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The solution
SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless Dictation Microphone
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Noel Whittaker has changed thousands of lives with his revolutionary ideas on managing personal finance. He has penned 22 bestselling books including “Making Money Made Simple”, which was named as one of the 100 most influential books of the 20th century.

He is currently an Adjunct Professor with the Queensland University of Technology, as well as a member of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission Regional Liaison Committee. He writes for major daily newspapers including the Sydney Morning Herald, and appears regularly on television.

Dictates much quicker

“I just talk now instead of type. I can certainly type but I can dictate much quicker,” explains Noel Whittaker on using the SpeechMike Premium Air. He wrote his first book in 1986 by himself and later relied on stenographers to type as he dictates, as most of his work is text based. However, stenographers proved to be very expensive and sometimes inaccurate. He discovered speech recognition software which helped him to make his dictating process simpler. 

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I write better when I can sit back in my chair, let the thoughts come and dictate them.

Noel Whittaker

Attractive functionality

Being an author Whittaker must write and then edit until he gets his desired output. He manages his work week travelling back and forth between Brisbane and his beach house in Sunshine Coast. Since he uses multiple computer operating systems, he connects all his work via Dropbox. He explains that while recording he uses the SpeechMike Premium Air to dictate his work coherently while it is fresh in his mind. With speech recognition software his recording gets transcribed and sent back in text format to his computer. He then goes back to it for editing. “So I sit down in the creator state and dictate, then just close up the document. I then go to the computer with the document sitting there and then I move to editing state. It works brilliantly. I couldn’t be without the device. I have got two of them,” tells Whittaker. 

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The solution

More satisfied customers

“Being a lawyer is a hard job, and I owe much of my success to how I’ve been able to use technology to my advantage“

Marc Jonas, Shareholder and co-chair of the firm’s Land Use and Zoning practice group, Eastburn and Gray, PC

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“It’s pleasant to be able to safely say that you can gain in productivity when you lose lots of time on administration. With SpeechLive, we gain medical time. It was our initial aim, and we have largely achieved it!“

Dr. Romain Guldmann, ENT and head and neck surgeon

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“The SpeechLive mobile app has given some of the therapists who are new to dictation an ease of workflow. It is a skill in itself to talk rather than type.“

Sarah McEntee, Occupational therapist, team leader

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“In terms of security, the software is hosted on-premise and so are the dictations. Patient privacy is a big priority for us and it’s important that we keep their data safe.“

Tammy Bands, IT Manager of Orthopaedics SA

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