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Philips Dictation Recorder now also available for Android

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Philips Dictation Recorder now also available for Android

Ideas can be put on paper instantly with the new app

Speech Processing Solutions, market leader in professional dictation, today announced the launch of its new smartphone app, the Philips Dictation Recorder for Android. With this new software, users can record, edit and send dictation files from Android smartphones, providing mobile flexibility and reducing document turnaround times. Finished recordings can be sent for transcription and subsequently be emailed back to the sender’s Android device.

Getting thoughts on paper when ideas strike

What makes the Philips Recorder so special is that it has several unique features not currently available on Android smartphones. First, it is part of the SpeechExec dictation management solution and links Android users on the move to the familiar office documentation workflow. Second, it has professional features that benefit from the latest ergonomics and research on professional dictation - conducted by a company with more than fifty years’ experience in dictation and speech technologies. The app can also revolutionize the working life of busy execs worldwide, improving efficiency drastically. Authors can record and send dictation files from home, office, or plane to anywhere in the world, effectively turning their Android smartphone into a wireless digital dictation solution.

Numerous exciting core features

The Philips Dictation Recorder for Android is also equipped with a range of useful functions including audio file filtering, photo attachments to audio files, 128-bit file encryption and audio file delivery to different SpeechExec Mobile servers. It offers seamless integration into SpeechExec workflow software and supports English, German, Dutch, French and Spanish. There is built-in support for Android 2.3, as well as version 4.0.

SpeechExec Dictation Hub functionality

Another benefit for SpeechExec Standard and SpeechExec Pro customers is that Philips Dictation Recorder for Android can also be connected to a SpeechExec dictation hub. This eliminates the need to install any server software or IT infrastructure. The server software-related components are hosted by Speech Processing Solutions, so nothing needs to be done except installing the app and SpeechExec software. The combination provides enhanced comfort and increased productivity. Philips Dictation Recorder for Android will be available for download in the Google Playstore from October 15, 2012. The solution is also available for iPhone and Blackberry.